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Where to eat in Belgrade? These are top 3 restaurants in Belgrade

If you like eating at the restaurant’s bar as much as we do, our Belgrade favorites list tells you where. It doesn’t always have to be fine and table for two to be really good. My inner rock and roll babe sometimes simply refuses to be wined and dined. And goes for great meat or sandwich […]

5 stylish wine bars in Belgrade

Love wine and want to enjoy it in Belgrade? Looking for a stylish place in Belgrade to wine your cherrie? Interested in wine bars in Belgrade? We prepared the list so you go straight to the best. Nonchalant wine bar in Belgrade Center We love Grape in Dositejeva Street for its interior Mediterranean-like stairs you […]

Do Not Miss while in Belgrade: International Film Festival 2018

Belgrade International Film Festival FEST 23 February – 4 March 2018 There is something special about sitting in the dark with some 3600 people, watching a movie. That happens on a FEST night in the theatre of Sava Center in New Belgrade. The festival is now in its 46th edition. It has something of the […]

Top 7 places to have espresso in Belgrade

Morning cappuccino and espresso later on in the day. Belgrade took the Italian way of brewing and serving coffee to another level. What Italians do al banco , that is standing by the bar, Belgrade does all day long while sitting comfortably. Single origin espresso became a favorite of Belgrade tastemakers so expect some seriously […]

How Belgrade Fortress wowed NYC couple

So why were all those big shots conquering Belgrade? What is it they were after? A smart looking 30-and-something brunette from NYC is frowning at the map on her iPhone suggested by New York Times. We have just entered Kalemegdan. Natasha and her fiancé Stephen flew in from Zurich last evening and the first thing […]

Belgrade rain
Top 5 things to do in Belgrade when it rains

How to have a great experience on a rainy day in Belgrade, without hiding under umbrella? Our top five picks can help. From adrenalin surge to pampering relaxation, these are the five experiences our guests loved last year. Escape.   1 hour Escape without going anywhere. The escape room games are located in the city […]

From matinees to reruns to hangover food: New Year’s Eve in Belgrade

Do not fret about the New Year’s Eve in Belgrade. You will not miss the party: it starts in the morning and even has a rerun in the evening of 1 January! There is even one on 13 January. Two New Year’s Eves! In Belgrade New Year is celebrated two times: on 31 December and […]

Warmth of Christmas. Belgrade and Away

Not all Christmases are the same. Or, in essence, they are? Five wonderful ladies, once Belgraders, who now live across the world,  talk beyond the emblematic White Christmas. And introduce you to Christmas in Serbia: what to expect and what not to miss. Your memories of Christmas in Serbia Jasmina, Liverpool, UK: The traditional Christmas Eve dinner on 6 January […]

Where to shop for gifts in Belgrade

Want to get original gifts in Belgrade for your loved ones? Make good choices with ease then! Shopping for gifts in Belgrade is a great experience, if you have ideas what to get and where. Let this guide help you. We carefully selected the gift ideas that show Belgrade’s creativity, design and style. Plus, we had […]

Top 5 local fashion picks Belgrade FW 17 – 18

Handpick original local design and craftsmanship of Belgrade. Let us suggest unique bags, shoes, outerwear and party wear. Imagined and made by Belgrade creatives. For woman of the world. Check them out and discover more of local creativity on Made in Belgrade tour. M-ishka train case Red velvet? Grey velvet? Pastel velvet? Dust rose? Cannot make up […]

Shoes you can get only in Belgrade

Magdalena K high heeled sandals, Lilu black leather knee high flat boots, ABO gold 2 in 1 loafers, Rish ancle high lace ups … all these beauties can be tried on and purchased in the shops and showrooms along our tour Made in Belgrade.

Don’t leave Belgrade without these five fashion picks

Summer is the season for the pieces that will look amazing on the tanned skin. And for adding color and experiments to your closet.  For the pieces that are comfortable to wear. And to take off. We all dare in summer. The items you get in Belgrade you will not find anywhere else. And wouldn’t […]

Why you should visit Belgrade

Just in a few days, I am going to visit Belgrade, my home city that I left exactly ten years ago. I feel excited, although one may think there is not so much new to discover because I know all about it. However, for me, there is plenty of stuff to appreciate in Belgrade, especially […]

The Swimming Season by the Pools in Belgrade

In addition to number of attractive public beaches (Ada Ciganlija, Ada Medjica, Lido) and hidden river spots we do not reveal this easy, there is a number of swimming pools to make hot summer in the city better.

My Typology of Cities

I have this layer in my soul that connects with cities as if they are humans. Their layout comes across to me as a net of brain cells spread in different patterns. Cities with cosy, old style centres and messy narrow streets are to me like good natured approachable people that you want to hug after exchanging […]

Biombo with the Siege of Belgrade

How could Japan, Mexico, Spain, Belgrade and Turkey be connected through an art piece in 1700ies? I was amazed to come across something like this. The piece is a folding screen (biombo) with the Siege of Belgrade. It was made for a new palace of Spanish Habsburg Viceroy in Mexico, completed in 1701. The Japanese […]