History – Belgrade Walking Tours

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The City

This walk is a good-old-classic to see and read the landmarks and get the initial orientation in the city. And to find out about little marvels along the way! If the Fortress is the story of Belgrade built and destroyed by the empires, this is the story of Belgrade’s own past, 19th and 20th century, […]


Creative District. Street Art. Cultural entrepreneurs. Art galleries. Bars. Clubs. Gentrification. Controversial large scale development project. A unique place where you can see all these powers and the tensions among them at work in real time. A district at the right bank of the Sava river, drawing the attention of Belgraders, visitors from abroad, investors […]

A Fortress With a View

This is a story of epic past of a town. The story starts almost 2000 years ago on a rock above the river confluence. It unfolds with rising and falling empires that built the town and destroyed it serially. On such imperial playground, heritage of Serbian and Yugoslav history is little in size, but very […]

Eat Like Tito

We take you to a journey to discover Tito’s favourite recipes and eats, to hear stories of his hedonistic persona and what a great host he was to the dignitaries and celebrities of the time, including Queen Elizabeth II, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, to see curated memorabilia and understand Yugoslavia and the world in […]