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Private guided tour Belgrade center

This private guided tour Belgrade center, called Belgrade Center Insider, is a quick and elegant way to get familiar with the core of this intriguing city. You will see and read Belgrade center landmarks and connect the dots. Plus, this private tour lets you discover hidden gems of Belgrade. Your companion on the tour, a […]

Private guided tour Savamala

Savamala makes headlines. It makes taste. Savamala makes money. Want to see why? Join an insider for a walk. Private guided tour Savamala, that does not feel like a typical tour, will show you the hotspots of  local creativity, bars and clubs, controversial large scale development, new economy entrepreneurship, Belgrade waterfront and street art. Savamala is a […]

Private guided tour of the Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan

If you are looking for adventure, secret places and stories and want to have 2000 years of history right under your feet, this private guided tour of Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan is the best experience. Start with  traces of ancient Roman fortification below ground. Hear how it led to a string of events that made Belgrade […]

Eat Like Tito

We take you to a journey to discover Tito’s favourite recipes and eats, to hear stories of his hedonistic persona and what a great host he was to the dignitaries and celebrities of the time, including Queen Elizabeth II, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, to see curated memorabilia and understand Yugoslavia and the world in […]