Made in Belgrade – Belgrade Walking Tours

Made in Belgrade

Designers in person.
Twinkle twinkle Little Star...
Socks. Tzar means Emperor. Detchko means Boy or Dude.
Rags n rugs n colours n fabrics...oooohhhh
Divine Divan...we'll explain
A door to a dressupanddownland

Local designs in fashion, accessories, jewelry. I have always dreamt my clothes and home to be styled with what I would bring from travels.

A particular delight for eyes, a study in design and applied arts or a relief to the shopping urge, researched or funky interiors, sense of humor materialized in fabric, hand picked materials, a clever dress no one else has or an original gift for someone darling back home. It is always interesting to see how the city and local culture are referred to in more or less recognizable ways in fashion or design objects.

The walk takes us through the less busy and more atmospheric streets of the central neighborhoods, where local creatives are inventing a new layer in the city’s cultural identity.

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