Private guided tour Savamala and Belgrade waterfront

Private guided tour Savamala

Right to Party
From the bar street we look upon to the elegant bell tower of the Cathedral. The nightlife curriculum of the neighbourhood started with Turkish janissary coffee roasters. Today this is the party scene for several generations and tastes.

Savamala makes headlines. It makes taste. Savamala makes money. Want to see why? Join an insider for a walk. Private guided tour Savamala, that does not feel like a typical tour, will show you the hotspots of  local creativity, bars and clubs, controversial large scale development, new economy entrepreneurship, Belgrade waterfront and street art.

Savamala is a unique place on earth where you can see all these powers and tensions among them at work. In real time. Famous worldwide as party destination, Savamala with your insider becomes an urban cultural and lifestyle experience par excellence.

What makes private guided tour Savamala the travelers top choice?

Savamala tour guided by a local Belgrade insider  will show you around so you do not miss out on truly worthwhile spots. As any other hip and hype neighborhood in the world, Savamala has its highs and lows. We want you to to hit the highs, following your interests, accompanied by our insider experience.

Depending on your wants, while touring our itinerary, we attend a gastro event or a Belgrade fashion market, art show in a gallery or street art viewing. We might prep you for a night out by sharing our experience. Or, why not, all of these at once!

Savamala has always been from rags to riches, in a way. Insider guide helps you best choose point of view.

What is Savamala really like?

Savamala is a district at the right bank of the Sava river, not big in size, but packed with things to do and see. Creative entrepreneurs and artists turned abandoned industrial structures into bars, clubs, restaurants, galleries and local designer stores. Framed by art nouveau palaces with intriguing histories, interesting backstreets and a large scale waterfront development.

Until recently, the area was neglected and irrelevant, all gloomy and grey. It is exciting to see how one neighborhood went from glooming to blooming in five years!

By night, this is Belgrade’s gastro and party scene. By day, this is the scene of the artistic, design and entertainment content. At the same time, it is the scene of the heated urbanistic and political debate about Belgrade waterfront and on how the city will look in future.

How does my insider guide make private guided tour Savamala experience special?

Savamala gets even better and more exciting when you have someone to take you there and around. With an insider it all clears out, you start to get it and enjoy it. How it all started in glory in past. What happened then. How it all restarted in 21st century. What goes on right now. How to read what you see.

A detail of a hidden mural in Savamala: the word  is the Serbian word for love

Furthermore, your insider guide will gladly help you with your choices.

If you want your night out in a restaurant with live music and famous Belgrade party style…or something more low key and laid back, no problem. You would like to mingle with more alternative crowd in a club…or you simply seek best food and cocktails? Your insider companion will help with own experience of knowing and tasting Savamala inside out.

Whether you are about showing off or just not missing the show  – we get you. And we take you there.

Restaurants by the river bank offer plenty of choices. We help you make your choice.

Please note

Level of physical activity: Light to medium, walking.

Not suitable for children and teenagers.

Best time: Between 2 pm and 8 pm.

Entry tickets: None.

Extra expenses: None. In case we decide to have a coffee break you bear your expenses.

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