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Serbian for love
Ljubav (lyubav). The Cyrillic letter Љ was especially designed for a specific sound in the sound-rich Serbian. We use both alphabets: Cyrillic and Latin. Street art pieces are emerging across the neighbourhood, unsolicited or commissioned.
Right to Party
From the bar street we look upon to the elegant bell tower of the Cathedral. The nightlife curriculum of the neighbourhood started with Turkish janissary coffee roasters. Today this is the party scene for several generations and tastes.
By the river bank
We are getting closer to the Danube, who will wed Sava just a couple of hundred meters away and take her all the way to the Black Sea. A string of restaurants for basking in the sun and watching the Sava flow by, people pass by, showing off a bit and eating well indeed.
Luck is an attitude
Awaiting for what happens with the neighbourhood. Some of the alleys still look like they looked like 100 years ago. The inside of the terrain rising above the street is intersected with the magazines and passages which remain inaccessible and mysterious.

Creative District. Street Art. Cultural entrepreneurs. Art galleries. Bars. Clubs. Gentrification. Controversial large scale development project. A unique place where you can see all these powers and the tensions among them at work in real time.

A district at the right bank of the Sava river, drawing the attention of Belgraders, visitors from abroad, investors from the Middle East, even some world media.

By night this is Belgrade’s party scene. By day this is the scene of the artistic, design and entertainment content placed in abandoned industrial structures. Depending on the day we may pop into an art show opening, a performance, a food show, a fashion market, a design event

At the same time, these is the scene of a heated urbanistic and cultural debate on how the city will look in future.

At the beginning of the XX century the district was shaped by the magnates of that time, who left several pearls of architecture. These gentlemen made it from rags to riches. After the WWII and the relocation of the commercial port from here the district fell off the radar. It has been booming again, over the last few years, as the cultural entrepreneurs, creatives and nightlife tastemakers are giving it a cultural makeover. Another remake or more could be upon it, a large scale waterfront development project which is triggering a lot of interesting questions we can explore together.

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