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Wine Tasting tour in Belgrade

Immerse yourself in magic of wine and mystery of the cellar.
Here is to love.
Sweet white Scheharazade is the ladies' favorite.

If you are looking to sample wine while you are in Belgrade, go for this premium experience. On Wine Tasting tour in Belgrade you will taste six Serbian wines: whites, reds and roses. And paired bites. Imagine the harmony on your palates. The mysterious candle-lit maze like surrounding. Tempting? Exciting? Enchanting?

Enjoy Sauvignon blanc, Merlot (rose and red), Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Merlot barrique and Traminer Sauvignon Blanc sweet. From the Serbian wine regions of Fruška Gora, Negotin and Smederevo. All in one on Wine Tasting tour in Belgrade.

Mysteries of Belgrade wine cellar

On Wine Tasting tour in Belgrade you will hear and learn the stories of Serbian wines and much more. The wines are of the protected origin, while the wine cellar is of mysterious history. Some historians claim it was a part of the ancient Roman network of secret underground corridors, leading to and from the Belgrade Fortress.

This fantastic wine cellar lies 17 meters underground. The temperature is constant at 12 degrees Celsius. It is out of the reach of mobile networks. Sounds like a perfect place to commit all your senses to wine.

Family winery in Belgrade

The cellar is run by the 3rd generation of family wine makers. The grandfather started the wine making between the two world wars. The father developed the production. The son is at the helm now, presenting the Serbian wine tradition to locals and travelers alike.

Aftertaste of Wine Tasting tour in Belgrade

The additional bottles of Serbian wine you may take home are awaiting in the cellar.

The neighborhood is beautiful, elegant and quiet. The cellar is located in a high-end Belgrade residential area. The villas from the 1920es and 1930es. So you know, in case you decide to walk around before or after the divine tasting on Wine Tasting tour in Belgrade.


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