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5 unique tastes of Serbia

Five unique tastes of Serbia not to miss out? Check out or list. Even better, join our Farmers Market Tour for tasting! Directly from the stalls of the farmers and traditional mini producers whom we know by name.

Ajvar, delicious Serbian pepper spread

Ajvar is a roasted red pepper spread. It is the author’s absolute favorite! (As evidenced in the author’s ability to eat half a jar at once.) Some call it vegetarian caviar! Ajvar can be hot/spicy or mild.

Red pepper spread Ajvar posing with its good friends kajmak dairy spread and prebranac beans.

It is typically consumed as meze, an appetizer before lunch, mostly during autumn and winter, when fresh seasonal produce is limited. Ajvar is prepared in late summer, often by home cooks. The best peppers come from Southern Serbia so the region claims the best ajvar as well.

Even in Belgrade, in the early evenings in late summer you can feel wonderful scent of roasted pepper. Such a welcome feel-at-home addition to the urban landscape of the two-million Belgrade!

Kajmak, ajvar, čvarci and charcuterie are often served together as traditional Serbian appetizer.

Kajmak, tastiest dairy product

Kaymak is a dairy spread you can think of as an aged clotted cream. But taste it, don’t think it! Kaymak is made from the cream skimmed from cow milk.

Our favourite kaymak is the so called “young” one, that was left to mildly ferment for just a couple of days. Some like it more mature.

Our favorite kajmak is from Kraljevo region.

As for the regional varieties, we are the fans of kaymak from Kraljevo region. Kaymak from Užice and Čačak and Dragačevo regions also have their loyal customers and fans.

Kaymak  is typically consumed as a spread over bread for breakfast or as an appetizer before a traditional lunch or dinner. We like it most for breakfast, on the straight-from-the oven hot home made or artisanal bread. In summer, it’s great to drop slices of  fresh seasonal tomatoes on top.

Fresh cow cheese (mladi sir), healthy Serbian delicacy

We weren’t aware how unique it actually was, until we heard it from a star chef. We adore its mild yet unmistakable taste and sleek texture. Another great thing about  it is that is very healthy.

Fresh cow cheese is rich in proteins and low on salt, fats and carbs. Even babies can eat it! My baby niece adores it.

Fresh cow cheese is both delicious and healthy.

We love it as an appetizer, snack or even a light dinner, with fresh lettuce or tomatoes. It pairs very well with ajvar as well.

Čvarci, Serbian pork crisps

A type of pork scratching, crispy bites made of cooked lard. This is the guiltiest of pleasures among our five unique tastes. Čvarci are made in late autumn. We eat them in winter, when the cold weather calls for all that fat!

Guilty pleasure excellence: čvarci, Serbian pork scratchings.

Their particular texture makes them fun for biting and chewing, before they melt deliciously on tongue and palates.


You are probably familiar with prunes, but we could not leave them out. The plum is the most wide -spread fruit in Serbia and the plum brandy is the Serbian signature national spirit.  The dried plum is the homage to this status of plum in Serbian culture and agriculture.

Plums and prunes are a symbol of traditional Serbia.

Plus, the prune comes handy as a healthy sweet taste after the previous  savory four. Not to mention all the health benefits it’s famous for. The prunes are good for your heart and nervous system, digestion, blood sugar level, bones and memory.

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