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Al fresco dining at 4 special places in Belgrade

Best al fresco dining restaurants in Belgrade? We imagined we were in your shoes and had only one or two opportunities to dine al fresco in Belgrade during our short stay. Besides al fresco dining, we considered the entire esthetics and the unique and true Belgrade spirit of the place.

Belgrade offers al fresco dining six months a year, from April to October. Don’t get discouraged even if it rains when its your turn do dine al fresco in Belgrade. These places have great winter gardens and lovely interiors. Either way you win!

Madera – elegant garden for al fresco dining with park views

The garden is literally in the Tašmajdan park, cooled by 60-years-old trees. Madera, founded in 1937, has a cult status among Belgrade restaurants. What makes a restaurant a cult in Belgrade? The food, the service, and, most importantly, the guests. Madera was the place where the footballers and the management of the adored Belgrade football club Red Star (European Champion in 1991) were the regulars.

Garden of Madera restaurant.

Speaking of the guests, know that Belgrade is one of the rare places on earth where the kingpins and the paupers can be seen dining table by table. Or even at the same table.

Kalemegdanska terasa  – al fresco dining with breathtaking views over fortress and river

Tucked in at Belgrade’s Fortress, the terrace gives you unparalleled views over the Fortress, the river Danube and the surrounding greenery. A favorite place for weddings. The winter garden has the same fantastic views.

Ladies who love wearing high heals should note that the way to the entrance is cobble-stoned. Worth the trouble. After all, you will be dining at the heart of 1800-years-old fortress.

Terrace of Kalemegdanska terasa restaurant.

Klub književnika – former literati club for al fresco dining in the very centre of Belgrade

Another place with cult status. Founded in 1946, the restaurant was the official and the favorite club of Belgrade’s literati.

Garden of Klub književnika restaurant.

Cveće zla – 21st century creativity redefines urban al fresco dining

Speaking of cult statuses, this is the place most likely to win one in 21st century Belgrade. You doubt that a simple patio in front of a typical Vračar residential building from socialist era can become an enchanted garden after dark? Come and see this magic. Don’t expect a Cinderella makeover or Mediterranean style, this is the original Belgrade style with a bit of rock n roll edge.

Garden and staff of Cveće zla bistro.

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