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Skin care secrets of Belgrade beauties – Top 5 How and Where

Want your skin to glow after you visit Belgrade? Need some pampering and relaxation? Looking for a beauty regime for your skin while in Belgrade? Belgrade ladies are world-famous for their beauty. The genes are probably the key, but there is something these ladies do so they keep looking good and typically younger than their age.

So what is it we do that keeps us pretty? Belgrade beauty regimes revealed.

We pick our groceries at Farmers Market

This takes at least a half an hour of physical activity, walking through the stalls for choosing best looking and best tasting produce. In winter we get our vitamins and minerals from pickled veggies.

We eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies when in season. What we do not eat, we put on our skin. As simple as that: almost anything fresh and seasonal you get at farmers market can be used as a mask for your face. Honey for nourishment. Whipped egg-white for a quick lift effect. Squashed berries for vitamins and radiance. Sliced cucumber and carrot for hydration. Parsley for anti inflammation.

We socialize and unwind

After farmers market we get together for a coffee. Unwinding and socializing over a freshly squeezed orange and espresso, that discharge excessive water from the body, makes us feel and look good.


Proven facial massage

We go for a facial massage once in a week. 30 minutes of pure pampering. Quick and pleasurable hack with array of benefits. Feels great. Shows immediately and keeps your face firm if you are regular.

Our favorites are in Vračar neighborhood.

Vitalux, Hadži Đerina Street no. 12, has a charming atrium for unwinding when the weather is nice. You can have the place for you and your friends only: a half-day or whole day spa party for 5 – 6 persons.

Estetic Moments, Kneginje Zorke Street no. 96, is another top class skincare specialist in Belgrade we trust.

Top facial treatment

Every three to four months, to prepare for the season (be it spring, summer, autumn or winter), we give our skin a French treat.

Biologique Recherche, located in elegant Dorćol, at Strahinjića Bana St. no 38, is the Belgrade franchise of the world renowned French professional cosmetics house. My sensitive and dry skin gets what it needs here. Insider tip: ask for Zvončica (Serbian for Tinker Bell), who is mine and the salon’s owner personal skin therapist.

One of the world renowned Belgrade beauties, a tennis champion Ana Ivanović, is a client.

Half day wellness: swimming pool, park view, sauna, steam

Do not feel guilty if you skip something touristy to unwind and relax in a wellness center. If you have been stressed out lately, you need to let some steam off. Destress and detox in the Limegrove Fitness and Spa of the Metropol Palace Hotel in Belgrade

Our favorite for its unrivaled view of the greenery of Belgrade’s Tašmajdan Park, from its open deck terrace in summer and winter terrace in cold season.

If you like fruits, herbs and all things natural join us for Farmers Market Tour in Belgrade. If you are style and fashion enthusiast,  we will take you on a private fashion and design tour of Belgrade.

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