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4 Belgrade bars and restaurants loved by locals

Belgrade bars and restaurants are becoming a hot topic on travel forums. The Serbian capital is growing its reputation as the place to be and the place to eat and drink.

If you would rather sit at a place recommended by locals than by Trip Advisor, read this list of Belgrade bars and restaurants. Even better, join us for coffee, drinks or meal!

These Belgrade bars and restaurants are all centrally located, in the neighborhoods nice to walk, where you can see and do other things as well. The prices are Belgrade average, with coffee at around 1 EUR, large beer 2.5 EUR, glass of wine 3.5 EUR, main course less than 10 EUR.

Rock n roll bar: Idiot

A lovely terrace rubbing the Botanical garden! Does it get any better? No matter how lovely the terrace, perfect for a morning or afternoon coffee or drink, the insides of this place make it a favorite Belgrade bar for almost 20 years. In the evenings, the action is downstairs, with rock n roll music played by DJs and rock n roll atmosphere.

Belgrade bar Idiot where we often dance to rock.

Real people and checkered tablecloths close to farmers market: Kalenić

This Belgrade restaurant shows what the Serbian term kafana (the closest translation: tavern) is about. In business since 1938! Checkered tablecloths,  Serbian national cuisine, street garden with tables for eight, interior filled with smell of hearty food and cigarette smoke, proximity of the landmark Kalenić Farmers Market.

The crowd at this Belgrade restaurant is as varied as possible, but absolutely real. Families, business people having lunch, old gentlemen from the neighborhood, young people making their first steps into the consecrated world of kafana.

Kalenić is a Serbian-cuisine old school restaurant loved by generations of Belgraders.

The meals are served all they long and well into the late evening.  Ask the waiters what is especially good on that day. I often go for ćevapi na kajmaku (grilled minced beef and pork batons on a dairy spread) or beef in soup. Those who are more daring with tastes choose škembići (beef intestines).

Belgrade bar where you expect poets and artists to hang: Centrala

On the crossing of two central yet not crowded streets, this Belgrade bar  is a very laid back place. Understated yet clever old-times bar esthetics. Like somewhere in Europe in 19th century. Don’t expect a spectacular wine list, as this not that kind of hospitality business. But it is the perfect hospitality of the waiter Deki who knows exactly what to suggest you to drink, and psychic-ly picks the most perfect time for a refill.

Centrala is Belgrade bar with charm of 19th century Europe.

If you are wondering where to have a break while in the city centre, have a drink and watch people passing by through the window walls of this Belgrade bar .

Belgrade restaurant with strong food and traditional macho vibe: Stara Hercegovina

Again a true kafana with the atmosphere of past times. The simple yet comfortable garden of this Belgrade restaurant is set on a nice little square that is never to busy. The interior of the 19th century building is spacious, feeling warm and protective. The artifacts follow the restaurant’s name, that of the Balkan country Hercegovina, famous for its brave men and turbulent past.

Stara Hercegovina radiates with the traditions of our region.

The entire vibe is a bit traditional and macho but in a good way. So is the menu. This is the only restaurant in Belgrade where you can try cheeses and wines particular to Hercegovina and an endemic cabbage called raštan. The ribs are also a speciality, having their loyal fans for years.

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