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Fashion and Things to Do in Belgrade – Photographer’s Cut

Do you get that feeling that photographers see what the rest of us don’t? Well, we do. That’s why we asked Mina Šarenac, a young yet established fashion photographer, for her personal recommendations on Belgrade.

Mina is our favorite Belgrade fashion photographer. A passionate free climber, this is her conquering Belgrade Fortress.

We talked with Mina about Belgrade style, fashion and design, and places to go. Read up what and where  and go see for yourself!

Belgrade fashion through photographer’s lens

WB: How would you describe Belgrade style in fashion and design?

Mina: Belgrade is like an adolescent searching for its own style, thirsty for glamour.

Shoes in leather by Belgrade designer Magdalena Klashnja, F/W 2018.

WB: What fashion campaigns have you done recently?

Mina: Campaigns for Magdalena Klashnja shoes, Kostyling accessories, fashion editorial for The Hedonist magazine featuring designers Sonja Jocić, Vesna Kracanović, Silk for Breakfast, Tara Lalić and others.

Sonja Jocić F/W 2018. Shot at Belgrade Astronomical Observatory.

WB: Who are your favorite local designers?
Mina: Koishi Lamat, Mona Lacko, Paspul, Sonja Jocić, Silk for Breakfast.

We adore this red leather handbag by Belgrade brand Koishi Lamat.  F/W 2017 collection.

WB: How would you describe your personal style in photography? And in fashion?

Mina: Mostly clean and simple esthetics, monochromatic atmosphere, with wild excursions to neons and patterns…Emotional and sexy. Speaking of summer fashion, just a scarf and a pair of sunglasses.

Mina’s photo for Pamela Coromato jewelry. Swimsuit by Paspul from Belgrade.

Where to go and what to do in Belgrade

WB: What do you recommend travelers to do in Belgrade?

Mina: Go to the river! Swim in the river, walk by the river. Ada Ciganlija lake also. Rent a bike and ride it.

Go clubbing! Try rakija (local brandy) and eat in bakeries.

 Belgrade designer Vesna Kracanović insists on femininity in cuts and materials. F/W 2018.

WB: Where to shop for gifts?

Mina: Something from Palmas boutique or Belgrade Design District.

Favorite neighborhoods, galleries and clubs in Belgrade

WB: What are your favorite places in Belgrade?

Mina: As for the neighborhoods, that’s Dorćol, especially its Lower part. Then Ada Međica, for sure. (WB: this is a secluded river island on Sava in New Belgrade, a fantastic unspoiled spot of nature and atmosphere!)

Galleries: Museum of Contemporary Art; Eugster; X Vitamin, U 10. (WB: U10 is our absolute favorite as well. Run and curated by artists!)

Art show openings at U10 gallery gather Belgrade artists, designers and art lovers for inspired talks and toasts.

Clubbing: Drugstore and 20/44.

Eateries: Istok Vietnamese restaurant and Proleće for traditional Serbian cuisine.

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