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Five feel-good videos of Serbia and Belgrade to watch online

Boat house on Sava river in Belgrade

To give you a trustworthy look and feel of Serbia and Belgrade, we chose five videos that speak the universal language of senses. Their dubbing or subtitles are in English.

You’ll sense Serbia’s and Belgrade’s people, culture, food, landscapes, music and rhythm. Watch, listen, dance, cook… Do as you please. Let us know your favorites!

River Danube in Serbia

Sandbanks on Danube in Novi Sad, photo by Marija Konjik

The fantastic visual of the second longest European river gives you a big picture of its 588 kilometers through Serbia. Go with Danube’s flow and travel across ages and landscapes. From the oldest and still mysterious civilizations that emerged on the banks of Danube 8 millennia BC to the wealth of folk cultures of today’s people. Sandy shores to dramatic gorges. Unspoiled nature reserves to bustling festivals. Fortresses to vineyards. Watch to discover Danube in Serbia.

Southern Serbian rhythm by violin virtuoso

Nemanja Radulovic violin concert
Nemanja Radulović in Belgrade summer concert, photo from

To energise, we’ll resort to the beat of Southern Serbia. We bet this will make you move hips, clap hands or stamp your feet. The song is Niška banja, performed by a world-renowned violinist Nemanja Radulović.

Nemanja’s concerts in Belgrade are always sold-out the day the tickets go on sale. In 2015, on World Music Day on 21 June, Nemanja and his Double Sense Orchestra gifted Belgraders with an open air concert in the central Students’ Park. The song originated in Nemanja’s hometown Niš, in the late 1920ies. Its popularity has been increasing ever since, even with the choirs in the US lately.

Click to listen to Nemanja Radulović playing Niška Banja in Belgrade.

UNESCO-listed Serbian folk dance

Kolo folk dance makes dancers burst with energy. Photo from

If you liked the local rhythms check out this video about the Serbian folk dance kolo, listed as UNESCO  Intangible Heritage in 2017. The video will tell you about kolo’s origins, symbolic and values. From our personal side, we confess we don’t miss any opportunity to dance kolo at weddings. The rhythm and the speed get you to a trance-like state, the endorphin runs high. On top of all good things, it’s an excellent work-out.

See the UNESCO-listed traditional folk dance from Serbia Kolo.

Bohemian thirties in Belgrade

The band Nikolić playing at one of the most popular taverns in Belgrade in 1932.

For a sensation of nonchalant bliss we dive into 1930ies. Kafana, where else? A sunny day and the tavern’s garden is full. The band is playing live. Turn the sound on for a share of that atmosphere. This film from 1932 is one of the first sound recordings in Belgrade.

Watch the original 1932 recording from tavern in Belgrade.

Serbian food nostalgia

Gibanica, phylo pastry filled with aged cheese and kajmak. Recipe and photo by Ivana Lalicki.

When speaking of kafana, traditions and festivities, food is naturally a key ingredient. In the following seven minutes of sheer delight you’ll see the dishes and desserts most popular in Serbia. The author is my dear friend Ivana, who’s been a Baltimore, US resident for many years now. Ivana prepared and photographed all these delicious eats, garnered them with soothing music and sights of fresh produce and mild landscapes. You can find Ivana’s fantastic recipes on her blog

Watch Ivana’s yummy collection of eats most popular in Serbia.