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Streets to stay at and walk for special Belgrade feel

Every travel media will tell you to walk Belgrade Fortress, then the pedestrian Knez Mihailova street with its 19th and 20th century palaces and high street fashion, to have a dinner in Skadarlija with its taverns with live music and bohemian pedigree and to stroll along the river banks. And you wonder where to head for a special feel and insight in Belgrade, on your own pace, without crowds.

If you are a traveler that prefers a path of your own, we may suggest a different itinerary. Central, yet more intimate and laid back. Try it out and then let yourself wander around. Soak in the slow pace, the life of the local people, the enchanting linden scent of  May or June evening. Sneak into bars and eateries at your own whim, following your gut feeling and trusting your eyes, ears and nose.

Cara Uroša street in Dorćol, close to Knez Mihailova and Kalemegdan

Just off Knez Mihailova and the Fortress and Kalemegdan park, running parallel with Kralja Petra street, there is Cara Uroša street, going all the way down towards the old Dorćol neighborhood and river Danube. It still has cobbled parts. It hosts a fantastic gallery of Serbian medieval frescos, unique in European art history. The more forward you get the more atmospheric the street gets.

Monumental medieval replicas from Gallery of Frescoes at Cara Uroša Street.

Topličin Venac, a different kind of bar street, close to the heart of Belgrade fashion and design

Close to the Kosančićev Venac there is another interesting street called Venac – Topličin Venac. Elegant and lively at the same time, it boasts several residential palaces from the golden era of Belgrade history, 1920s and 1930s. Cafes and bistros offer opportunities for a relaxed coffee or lunch break.

Another cool trait of this street is that it is an ideal location for chic and fashion hunt in Belgrade. Some of the most talented local designers have their shops in this quarter. See or get latest or classic in fashion, accessories and home decor Made in Belgrade.

A cafe at Toličin Venac Street at sunset.

Vlajkovićeva and Hilandarska streets, scents and tastes for sweet tooth and art lover

Vlajkovićeva and Hilandarska streets, close to the House of Assembly (National Parliament), are lovely to stay at or spend evenings in spring and summer. Not too crowded, not too hot, with balmy linden scent. Elegant architecture and Western European flair. The quarter hides true little gems: a little square called Kopitareva Gradina and another one on the corner of Palmotićeva and Koste Stojanovića streets. Taste delicious desserts at Mali prince tea house (our favorite is plum crumble) or visit one of the several modern and contemporary galleries : Arte at Svetogorska St, 212 at Vlajkovićeva and New Moment at Hilandarska.

A cafe at Palmotićeva Street.

These are the places where you can spot Belgraders doing their things or enjoy atmosphere of laid-back and somewhat bohemian urban living, that is nowadays so rare to experience in big cities.

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