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Belgrade Things To Do in December

Things to do in Belgrade in December? We’ve crafted a very special list for you.

Looking at the list of things to do in Belgrade, one may easily conclude December is the best time to visit!

If you travel to Belgrade this December, make sure you ripe unique things that happen only at this time of the year.

Eat carp

The Serbian Christian tradition of fasting before Christmas on 7 January, means river fish is king. The carp season is at its peak.

The go – to place to have carp is the homonymous restaurant Šaran at Danube waterfront in Zemun, at 53 Kej oslobođenja.

Cozy interior of fish restaurant Šaran in Zemun in Belgrade.

Another favorite in Zemun is a tavern that is literally off the beaten path, as the Danube promenade ends right there. Called Radecki, this is the fishermen club, their wooden boats moored by, wooden tables and checkered table clothes. Best eat is off the printed menu. Simply ask what is the catch of the day.

Fish soup on Danube off the beaten path. At Radecki. Just walk beyond the end of the Danube promenade Kej oslobođenja.

Drink hot rakija

If you are not fasting, you can warm yourself up with hot rakija e.g. warm slivovitz. What is mulled wine for Central European Christmas Markets, that is mulled plum brandy for Belgrade and Serbia.

Ivana from Belgrade, who lives in Baltimore, uses the family recipe for mulled plum brandy. Photo by Ivana Lalicki Photography.

Not hard to find, as most restaurants and bars serve it this time of year.

Shop unique gifts without crowds

Shopping gifts in Belgrade is fantastic if you decide to go for local originals. You can complete it in 2 – 3 hours and avoid the hectic shopper crowds.

Choose museum shops, local designers, concept stores and artist-run galleries.

From traditional clay pottery or hand woven socks, to latest in fashion, design, accessories and ceramics art. We promise you’ll be delighted with range, fabrics, patterns, designs and quality.

Check out Belgrade Christmas Gift Guide for ideas and where to shop.

Christmas Market Belgrade

No such thing! There will be stalls in the central streets and squares, but that is a recent hack to make some money, no authenticity behind it.

For a real Christmas Market feel go to Novi Sad (1 hour ride) or Subotica (2 hour ride). These two towns belong to Central Europe and naturally do Christmas Market better than Belgrade.

Belgrade Night Market is a kind of street party where you can find items you can’t find elsewhere.

Belgrade Night Market on Saturday 14 December could be a Belgrade-spirit alternative to Christmas Market. It happens at the farmers market in Block 44 in New Belgrade. It lasts from 6 pm to midnight.

Street food, DJ and live music, people standing and mingling with beer or mulled rakija or wine in their hands. The range on the stalls is varied: from organic produce to deli to artisanal objects to local designer baby wear to hand made jewelry. Whatever the creative small entrepreneurs believe in.

Listen to great music played by young talents, in the pearl of socialist modernist architecture

Children’s Philharmonic Orchestra is holding its Gala  New Year’s concert on Sunday 16 December at 7pm at Sava Center.

The program includes Mozart, Strauss, Bach, Offenbach and Bizet and Christmas songs and pop and rock hits.

The hall has 3,500 seats. The energy of such large audience creates a special concert experience.

Recent spotlights on socialist architecture of Yugoslavia pointed to the venue – Sava Center. Built in 1979 at record time, when Tito needed the venue to host the International Monetary Fund and Non Aligned Movement conferences. The interior still amazes with functional and witty solutions ahead of time.

Sava Centar is presented at MoMA New York exhibition Toward a Concrete Utopia: Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948–1980, until 13 January 2019.

Pair food and art in Belgrade

While there are no restaurants and cafes in Belgrade museums and galleries, let alone Michelin stars, you can still do the pairing! Our favorite art and dining hotspots are located perfectly close one to another.

National Museum in Belgrade displays archaeological artifacts, old masters and Serbian and Yugoslav art from 18th to 20th century. Allow 2 – 3 hours for the visit. The hours are 10am to 6pm, closed on Mondays. Entry from Vasina Street.

Then just cross the street for the fantastic seasonal menu of Credo Restaurant at Courtyard by Marriott.

Our favorites are porcini soup and steak tartar. They serve the best home made bread we ever had! Don’t miss the Hazelnut, elderflower and pear dessert. The hazelnut parts got us ecstatic.

The most comfortable way to pair food and art in Belgrade. Credo Restaurant and National Museum looking at each other.

Another important art note! The works of the most talented young Serbian visual artists hang on the restaurant walls.

If you are more about contemporary art and bistros, there is another perfect match for you!

X Vitamin Gallery that shows contemporary artists from Serbia and Bistro Grad serving Hometown Food. Both at Uzun Mirkova Street, less than 50 meters one from another.

Vuk Vučković, Pills, 2015, on show at X Vitamin Gallery until 18 December.

Bistro Grad serves Balkan and Mediterranean food. The atmosphere is that of the cool Belgrade,  not so easy to find these days, garnered with great music and particular interior.

A detail of the interior of Bistro Grad. The iconic Iskra Eta 80 telephone, a star of Yugoslav design, by Davorin Savnik.

See unique Serbian folk dance performance in Belgrade

This is a rare occasion to see this spectacle. The Ensemble Kolo marks its 80th anniversary this year. They make traditional dance speak fresh artistic language. The ensemble spends most of the year touring the world.

Kolo is a traditional local folk dance that is protected by UNESCO.

Energy levels instantly up! Ensemble Kolo at Kolarac on 26 December in Belgrade.

The music you’ve never heard before played by orchestra, the rhythms, the choreographies, the energetic dances, the colorful traditional costumes, the audience that is enthusiastic – all of it promises the fantastic show.

Do not miss this Kolo performance on Wednesday 26 December, starting 8pm at Kolarac Concert Hall, built in 1932 and praised for its acoustics ever since.

If you are traveling to Belgrade, feel free to contact us for information or advice.

Stay healthy and warm in December in Belgrade! Merry Christmas!