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Best place in Belgrade: Kosančićev Venac – oldest neighbourhood, best design

Our favorite place for shopping local designers in Belgrade is located in the prettiest part of the city. The quarter is called Kosančićev Venac. And our favorite Belgrade local designer store is called Remake, run by two artists: Jovana Božović & Antea Arizanović Mutaović.

Here you can shop for charming tableware, shirts and t shirts. The printed value statements resonate with us and most likely with you. Simple and fragile, yet strong as only women-created and  women-worn pieces can be.

Christmas window of Remake local designer store in Belgrade.

Kosančićev Venac, oldest Belgrade neighborhood rich in hidden gems

The interior of this local designer store is a delight. Remake shares the store with another talented local designers duo. Sisters Ljubinković make fashion, accessories and leather shoes.

A walk around the neighborhood is an experience we strongly recommend. Like a still in time, this oldest area of Belgrade transpires old world and romantic history. Sneak into the gardens, watch the oriental looking princess’ palace.

Feel the cobblestones under your feet, take it easy in a cafe, watch people go by, art students rushing to their classes, priests going to their offices or newly weds being photographed for the best of memories.

A window of a villa at Kosančićev Venac. The neighborhood that Belgraders adore has a dreamy and elegant feel.

Belgrade local designers: our favorite artist duo

We asked Jovana and Antea to tell us more of about their art and design. Plus, as the local residents they are surely the ones to ask about the neighborhood  Kosančićev Venac.

WB: What is the story behind the current collection? Images, fantasies, moods, poetry?

Remake: In the last couple of years our lives changed drastically, as both of us  became mothers. So our last collections were related to that difficult and responsible role of mother. “Sex, kids, rock and roll”, “Mama moments”, “I is not your mom”.

Coffee cup by Belgrade design duo Remake. The designers recently became mothers.

WB: Which objects and items are your personal favorites?

Remake: The foundations of our brand Remake are in inscriptions, and emotional states that describe some moment in our life. Our customers are in the same emotional states as we are. And the main idea and the message is “ЛЈУБАВ” (love in Serbian), which is incorrectly written. The message of this inscription is clearly recognizable, grammatically wrong and very pure in emotion. It is also our most favorite title, which we apply to all items.

Serbian for love. A fantastic gift from Belgrade. By Remake.

WB: How do you feel while making your pieces?

Remake: The whole charm of our business lies in the creation of new items or collections. It is that magical moment of awaiting the result, with joy, like a child.

Kosančićev Venac: oldest Belgrade neighbourhood up, close and personal

WB: What is your relation with the neighborhood where your shop is?

RemakeWe live in this neighbourhood. So it’s all day long for us. Here we raise our  children. We know all our neighbors, we know all the homeless, the tradesmen in shops and all people who are passing by every day.  This is a very specific part of the city because there is not a lot of residents and a lot of people pass daily on these streets.

Varoš Kapija is one of the oldest parts of the city of Belgrade. And it is the very historic energy of the streets and the cobblestone that simply require people to slow down a bit.

WB: What do you suggest our guests do and experience in Belgrade?

Remake: Belgrade is a very particular city and it is not special, neither in its appearance nor in history, nor does it have a story that is very specific for Europe. If Belgrade visitors search for this, they may be disappointed.

However, there is another value in Belgrade, which is not common for  other cities. That’s the diversity of life that takes place in front of your eyes, at markets, railway stations, a multitude of nightlife, sitting in cafes and parks. If you take one big walk around the city, you can see that Belgrade is a city between stars and mud. And YES, the best way to experience Belgrade is by talking a walk.

Best gift from Belgrade

WB: Where would you take Belgrade guests for a walk or for coffee or tea?

Remake: The quarter where  our shop is, Kosančičev Venac, the part of the city which is historically most interesting and where real Belgrade residents can be found, not only tourists. I advise you to sit  in a café  in our neighborhood and steal a part of the atmosphere of Belgrade. It’s the most valuable thing you can get as a gift of the city itself.

This garden at Kosančićev Venac is just 100m from Belgrade Cathedral. Belgrade’s unique atmosphere is created of such contrasts of monumental and intimistic.

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