Fashion Shopping Belgrade: 5 summer picks by local designers - Walking Belgrade

Fashion Shopping Belgrade: 5 summer picks by local designers

Fashion shopping in Belgrade this summer? Interested in original local fashion? Looking for season’s musts at sales? Read on.

Belgrade can be great for fashion shopping, if you know where to look. If you dream of showing up back home tanned, refreshed and wearing unique fashion piece no-one else has – scroll down. Our Belgrade fashion shopping picks could be what you are looking for!

The items can be tried on and purchased in the concept stores and designer showrooms along our tour Belgrade Fashion Tour.

Mishka espadrilles, Belgrade fashion it shoe

We hope your feet are already deep in sand or see. For all other summer moments we propose Mishka espadrilles.

Their chic oversized bow and sophisticated shades of suede have made them a statement footwear of Belgrade’s tastemakers.

If you long for Formentera or a teak deck…just slip on your Mishkas. And once you are there – slip off into a barefoot paradise.

Paspul swimsuit by Belgrade young local designers

You already know the one piece swimsuit is the must of the season. Shop one piece classic swimsuits with a sense of humor for comfort or fantastic metallic models for apres-swim cocktails .

People like us silk kimono

A modern day luxury or a well-deserved indulgence afer the busy work season,  this piece is a smart hack.

We will not ask where you wear it or how you style it…a loungewear, on a deck, as an evenining wear… coast or city… Just know it will bring you new Instagram followers.

JSP, Belgrade fashion and costume designers  

Glamorous silk blend jumpsuits and trousers once again prove that good tailoring is king.  Enter a party feeling and looking like a star…and a size taller and slimmer!

Dechko Tzar, Belgrade streetwear loved by locals

Shop something for your man or men in Belgrade. Like tee with the iconic Belgrade symbol – Pobednik (The Victor) or a colourful Vespa motiv… or other witty designs related to Belgrade. If you like your man in a good T shirt and a pair of jeans as much as we do, do not miss it. These tees are designed and worn by Belgrade’s cool people and loved by diaspora. Many are making the entire collections, buying every new design available.

Let us know about your experience with fashion shopping in Belgrade! Send the looks to