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Five Things to do in Belgrade this May

May your May be great in Belgrade! Soon you’ll be enchanted with linden scent. Even if it rains there is plenty to see, taste, experience and enjoy.

Check out our five best things to do in Belgrade in May 2019.

Eat Like Tito

Why in May? Tito’s official birthday was on 25 May. He died on 4 May 1980. While he was the President and the Marshal, Tito’s birthdays were celebrated big time. The climax was happening at the football stadium near his residence (today’s Museum and mausoleum).

Discover a colorful side of socialism: Eat Like Tito.

Besides this grandiose public persona, there was a human and hedonistic side of Tito. We invite you to discover Tito a man, and understand what living in Yugoslavia was about. In the best possible way – eating, drinking and cooking.

Visit the festival that put Belgrade on the map on its 10th anniversary

Mikser Festival will take place from 24 to 26 May in the up and coming neighborhood of lower Dorćol.

Mikser Festival location map, Belgrade 24 – 26 May.

2019 Mikser Festival is about sustainability as a new culture of living and doing business. Artists, designers, IT experts, urban planners, ecologists and business people will dialogue to find common ground in developing a new model for a more altruistic and sensible future.

Our favorites are eco-bazar and gastro market. This year their higher cause is food distribution to vulnerable groups.

Parties go without saying!

Get away from the city – Half-day trip from Belgrade

Our proposition for May is in line with the above topics of Tito and sustainability. The restaurant Vinogradi (Vineyards) in Grocka was built in Tito’s time, to serve as a country club for visiting foreign officials and communist elite.

The views of Danube are mesmerizing. The food is delicious and the wine comes straight from the restaurant’s vineyard. Grocka is a village on the right bank of Danube famous for its fruit growing. There is even a river island near by, well worth a visit to restore one’s serenity and energy.

It is a 30 minute ride from the city centre.

Join the Museum Night Belgrade, Saturday 18 May, 4pm – 12pm

Seize the opportunity and visit sixty locations all over Belgrade! Many of them will be opened for this occasion only.

Check out the highlights:

Location hopping will bring you the spirit of the hippie era or the punk rock Belgrade of the 1980ies, show you how Belgrade looked as the capital of  the Kingdom of Yugoslavia or let you relive its old inns and pubs.

See Belgrade street art with artist

The artist Jana is taking you on a Belgrade street art tour like no other. Discover the art you never knew existed in Belgrade! With Jana you’ll connect the dots of Belgrade’s street art across four decades.

Detail of the street art by Aleksandar Maćašev in Savamala.

It has started long before Savamala and it ain’t gonna end no time soon. Know where it’s going!

See Belgrade through artist’s eye.

If you would rather stay in when it’s raining- read up for indoor options.

Anyway, enjoy Belgrade in May!