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Kralja Petra & Dorćol. Cultural blend

Bojana, art and architecture historian, expert on Belgrade’s historical architecture, mom of two boys

Your favourite places in Belgrade?

B: One of my most favorite places in Belgrade is of course the Belgrade Fortress, Cultural monument of outstanding value. It is an almost surreal space which intertwines history, culture, beautiful nature and positive energy.

Another place I like is Kralja Petra Street with a total of 14 cultural monuments, which is the largest number of monuments of culture in one street in the city of Belgrade. While learning about the history and architecture of this important city street, through interchange  of various styles of Balkan architecture, through historic styles, academicism, art nouveau, modernism to contemporary architecture, which are a true reflection of the time and society, so you can gain a clear picture of the city history and architecture.

Where would you ideally live in Belgrade?

B: Dorćol, below Cara Dušana and close to the Danube river.

Where would you place your office? I think your office is already ideally located, but still …

B: Yes, my office is already ideally located, it’s on the Belgrade Fortress. I’ve already explained why I love that place.

An itinerary you would recommend to someone visiting Belgrade?

B: Belgrade Fortress – Kralja Petra Street – Knez Mihailova Street – Terazije – Savamala – Novi Beograd.

Belgrade with kids – where to go and when?

B: Ada Ciganlija all year round.