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From matinees to reruns to hangover food: New Year’s Eve in Belgrade

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Do not fret about the New Year’s Eve in Belgrade. You will not miss the party: it starts in the morning and even has a rerun in the evening of 1 January! There is even one on 13 January.

Two New Year’s Eves!

In Belgrade New Year is celebrated two times: on 31 December and 13 January. The Serbian Orthodox Church runs its liturgical calendar along the Julian calendar. 14 January is the beginning of the year if converted to Gregorian dates. The real reason to celebrate twice is our healthy appetite for celebrations that seeks any possible outlet: local traditions, religious contexts, imported global frenzies, good and less good causes…

However, for you it is another occasion to have good time!

The fireworks happen at midnight 13/14 January above the grandiose church of Saint Sava in Vračar. You can pop by the events and parties in bars, clubs and restaurants. It is in lower key, for the budgets drained by the holiday season, that makes it more charming than the mainstream celebration on 31 Dec.

Savamala. You’ve got to fight for your right to… Party!

Matinee on 31 December

Cool crowd’s choice for the last 10 years,  matinee is this year’s talk of the town, organised across hotels, restaurants and bars. Starting as early as 8 am it goes on until 8 pm.  Somewhere it is about food and laid back family atmosphere, somewhere it is about showing off. Somewhere it is pretty much about getting tipsy as early as possible.

Somewhere, it is about great music this time: Bisera Veletanlić is singing and Vasil Hadžimanov Band playing at Kafeterija in Kralja Petra Street. The cafe is located in the building that is a pearl of art nouveau in Belgrade, the vocalist and the band are exceptional. The entire Kralja Petra Street  is a compelling itinerary in itself: connecting the rivers Sava and Danube,  for centuries it was home to the diverse ethnic and confession groups who were settling in Belgrade along the trade and warfare routes. Today it is a living display of diverse architectural styles from 19 to 21 century, and what you may call Belgrade’s fashion street for the concept and designer stores.

Beton hala. Wining and dining and showing off  a bit by the river bank.

NYEs Rerun on 1 January

If you still want to party the day after, finding a place should be easy, as the NYE’s Rerun is quite customary. Any of the main bar, club or restaurant zones should be just fine. The chances are good you can sneak in without reservations. Smile and be charming at the entrance. Skadarlija is mainly about traditional food and crowd, cobbled street, trumpets, tourists, with welcome additions of  Gastro Bar 20/44 run by the internationally acknowledged clubbing mastersSavamala offers clubs all around so you cannot miss the party:  from the clubs with  very articulated personality like 10o and Mladost Ludost Gajba Gadost, where one of the best and loudest Serbian actors will have his DJ set,  to the latest additions Hype and Remix. Beton hala is about restaurants that take pride in their menus and their live music performers and DJs, offering a variety of cuisines. From Balkan to Japanese, Mediterranean, Italian, Middle Eastern, Latin American.

Hangover Food

Not that we are implying such consequences, ehmmm… These hangover cures taste great anyway and it would be a pity to miss them out: veal soup, burek (special filo pastry) and yogurt and užička komplet lepinja (no way I can translate it to make sense). They absolutely count as local specialties!

Mulled rakija. Warms you up perfectly. May call for some hangover food .


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