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Outdoor. Ada Ciganlija and cycling routes

Aleksandar, IT guy, passionate photographer and cyclist, father of two boys.

Your favourite places in Belgrade?

A: Always my home and then Ada Ciganlija; I love spending time there with my wife and kids, especially during summer.

What do you experience and see differently cycling?

A: Cycling is just the best way to experience the world around you. It’s quiet, calm and healthy and you get to know the terrain one pedal stroke at a time. It also lets you experience world at a slower pace taking in all of the stimuli including scents, something not available to us when we’re whizzing by in our cars.

Your favourite routes?

A: I usually go out with a couple of friends and our favorite place/route is either Avala or Trešnja lake. This route has a perfect blend of uphill and downhill ride, it’s relaxing and it makes around 50km round trip, which means a couple of hours of cycling and some rest with good friends.

Belgrade with kids – where to go and when?

A: The best place for me would have to be Ada Ciganlija, as there’s a lot of things kids can see and do, it’s isolated, so not much traffic and it’s just a genuinely relaxing place.