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Paddleboarding and boat tours on Belgrade rivers

Paddleboarding on Sava river is a fantastic way to experience Belgrade summer charm! Second only to our Belgrade boat tour. Paddleboarding is one of the fastest growing sport activities around the world. Anyone can do it! While on board, some prefer meditative activities and taking it easy, while others prefer racing and challenges. The choice is all yours.

Sunset. Chill.

How we started to paddle board in Belgrade

We ended one of our Belgrade boat tours on the deck of SUPER Stand Up Paddle Club, on the right bank of Sava river. With Alexandar, our old friend, we speak about the paddleboarding, that already got under my skin. (One of my dreams is to go to Hawaii and surf there, so stand up paddle is the first step on that journey!)

WB: In three words, how does it feel to paddle board on Sava river?

Alexandar: Freedom. Relaxation. Recreation.

Best time for paddleboarding in Belgrade

WB: What time do you like best?

Alexandar: Morning and sunset are my favourites, the best times for joining the energy of the river and that of one’s soul. As in all sports, there is no bad weather if your equipment is good enough. Still, for a pleasurable experience best time of year to do paddle board in Belgrade is May to October.

WB: What is the best time for paddleboarding for Belgrade visitors?

Alexandar: People visiting Belgrade are not on their working hours here, so they can enjoy the hours before 5 pm on weekdays. The river is all yours then, free from too many people and boats.

In just one hour you learn how to balance.

WB: Which is the best time for beginners and which for the experienced paddle boarders?

Alexandar: For the experienced crowd any time is great time. The beginners are advised to benefit from quiet times on the river, so they can build up their paddleboarding skills on a short training. That is before 2 pm on weekends and before 4pm on weekdays.

Hidden gems along stand up paddle boarding tour

WB: What can we discover while paddleboarding with you, that is not accessible otherwise?

Alexandar: It is already a very special experience to feel and get to know the river from a stand up paddle board. Everyone is the master of their way and  route, of their own exploration and adventure. A special experience is a hospitality of people on boat houses, the paddling around a beautiful river island Ada Međica and hopping on the island to taste its very particular gastro offering. Something you will not find in restaurants, but more likely at someone’s home, cooked from the hand picked groceries and heartfelt wish to feed you well.

Ladies and gentlemen.

WB: How far have you paddleboarded on Sava?

Alexandar: Last year we stayed within the 10 km in each direction from our deck. This year we are going further! Be prepared for challenging stand up paddle experiences!

First steps to paddleboarding

WB: How did you start paddle boarding?

Alexandar: Almost two years ago, with a group of friends who are water sport enthusiasts, we were looking for a sport that is easy to do in Belgrade city circumstances. So we founded the sport association with the aim to promote the stand up paddle, as a sport that is excellent for physical and mental health and wellbeing. Paddleboarding enables a city dweller who never has enough time, to work out and fully recharge in an hour!

WB: How many lessons does it take for a beginner to get it going?

Alexandar: After as little as one hour, anyone can master balance and moving the board, so they can enjoy themselves. For those more ambitious, we organize professional training. We completed the trainer training in Italy, under the International Surf Association license.

We can do it!

WB: What is the water temperature?

Alexandar: In summer it is over 20 degrees C on average. The temperature is not very important – you will not fall into water, unless you want to. 🙂

You are in our safe hands and all the required equipment is there. Try it and love it!

To book your board or have a paddleboard tour of Belgrade contact Alexandar at SUPER Stand Up Paddle Facebook page. To combine this experience with our boat tour click our Belgrade Boat Tour.

Let’s have fantastic summer time in Belgrade!

Photo credits SUPER Stand Up Paddle.