September weekend in Belgrade - eat out, dance and cool down

September weekend in Belgrade – eat out, dance and cool down

Lucky you if you’re spending a weekend in Belgrade this September! Sunny days that are not too hot. Nights still warm enough you can sport tanned shoulders and bare feet, yet sleep well.

The late summer in Belgrade is our favorite season for going out and getting together after holidays. Tap into this atmosphere.

Thursday night out in Belgrade

I’d go for dinner at Cveće zla. Great food, great wines, plus you pick up the vibe of ‘the cool people’.

Cveće Zla bistro is the most talented tastemaker of Belgrade gastro scene. Here – the staff.

Friday night out in Belgrade

It’s still the river clubs season so seize it. If you’re a clubbing or alternative type go to 20/44. If you’re more into model lookalikes go to Shake n Shake or Lasta.

A cocktail hour view from the rooftop of the Square Nine Hotel in Belgrade.

For great cocktails and aspiring minglers, start the evening at Hilton or Square 9 rooftop bars or at the near-by Maison Boho. I’ve never been to the Maison Boho for my very particular and judgmental taste and worldview (there might be a medical term for that :)), but some of my guests found it a great place.

Saturday night in Belgrade

Cocktails at a speak easy bar Druid close to the Belgrade Fortress or at Kultura bar close to Tesla Museum in Vračar.

Ambar restaurant in Beton Hala offers funky and delicious interpretation of Balkan cuisine.

Next,  probably one of Beton Hala waterfront restaurants for dinner. Wide selection of cuisines and Belgraders and visitors from all around the world, dressed up and ready for Saturday night fever.

For dancing, go to Bitef Summer Stage at the Fortress as they have great live cover bands, or to Kućica or Pristan on the rivers for DJs.

Sunday lunch in Belgrade

To take it easy and eat light after the Saturday night, go to Miamiam in Vračar. Besides the classics, they serve yummy vegetarian and special teas. The Kalenić farmers market is around the corner, don’t miss it on a Sunday before lunch.

We love Miamiam’s greens for Sunday brunch.

For a Sunday roast hit the outskirts of Belgrade. For lamb go to Bela reka restaurant on the border between New Belgrade and Zemun, once the village called Bežanija.

At Bela Reka, you can taste meat slowly cooked in a traditional Serbian way, on fire,  in a clay pot under an iron cover. It melts on your palates.

Best gelato tastes in Belgrade

A gelato lover or visiting Belgrade with children, you’ll make at least one gelato stop. Read up for our selection of tastes and places.

Walnut and gianduja taste best at Crna ovca (Black sheep). You can get it in two locations, Kralja Petra Street in the historical centre and Njegoševa street in Vračar. Both streets are perfect for walking from their one end to another as there is a lot to see.

Crna ovca (Black Sheep) started the new wave of ice-cream mastery in Belgrade.

Dark chocolate gelato tastes best at Baccio, at the beginning of Njegoševa Street in a piazzetta known as the Flowers Square.

If you’re into local berries, try raspberry (malina) at Beli Meda at Studentski Trg. If you’re into other things local and historical, visit The Etnographic Museum on the same street. Their shop is fantastic for the original gifts or souvenirs.

Belgrade gelato personal favorites

Our favorite gelato is at Poslastičarnica at central Maršala Birjuzova street, for their Italian pistachio and unmistakeably Serbian prune and tamjanika. Tamjanika is a local grape variety famous for its white wine.

How can one resist? Tayaki believes in mermaids, unicorns and matcha. So do we!

For matcha taste and the most instagrammable of them all, go to Taiyaki at Uzun Mirkova street, close to Belgrade Fortress. The goldfish-shaped cone and the impossible decoration are certain to lift you up!

Whatever your taste, enjoy Belgrade. You are where you should be. Love you!