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Serbian cooking course and food tours in Belgrade

 Serbian cooking course

Serbian cooking course is one of the best ways to understand Belgrade and Serbia, eat well and have an experience to remember. For more than five years, Vladimir is teaching travelers and expats in Belgrade how to prepare the most loved Serbian dishes. The star dishes of Serbian cooking course are prebranac (beans in the oven), plum dumplings, Karađorđeva steak and  ćevapčići (grilled minced meat). One Serbian cooking class lasts around three hours. And that’s enough for anyone to learn to prepare a complete meal!

Vladimir, me, Lucas and Anna at winter menu cooking class.

The venue is the beautiful and quiet green garden of Vladimir’s family house. It’s in the historical centre of Zemun. This quarter is one of the most coveted places to live in Belgrade. The urbanistic legacy of Austro Hungarians, the closeness of  Danube river and the hilly terrain make it an ideal surrounding for family living and home cooking. This is why Vladimir would not host his Serbian cooking course anywhere else.



This cooking and eating experience is now well recognized by travelers and expats and locals. People appreciate the ease of learning in home cooking style. For sure they appreciate the taste of food! They made it from the groceries they learned how to hand pick from the local farmers market.

A stall at the near by farmers market, where we pick the garlic and onions to spice up the dishes we make.

The host of your Serbian cooking course

Meet my friend and your Serbian cooking course host Vladimir. He is one of the most interesting people I know, and I know interesting people. When it comes to eating and cooking in Belgrade, Vladimir knows what he’s talking about. A globetrotter from his early days, thanks to his parents who were flight attendants with Yugoslav Airlines, this 38-years-old clarinetist and music teacher is one of those people who make food talks mouthwatering.

Vladimir in London, June 2018.

Vladimir loves South East Asia and has lived and studied in Berlin and Salzburg. His doctoral dissertation will be on Brahms, yet his overall appeal is very light and airy. His favorite designer is Paul Smith and his favorite animal is giraffe. In Belgrade he loves and lives at Dorćol and in Zemun.

He developed taste and skill in Serbian home cooked food thanks to his grandmother, spending long summer days of childhood with her in what is a typical village in Central Serbia.

From that simple, honest and delicious food, some 30 years later Vladimir moved on to design the gastro experiences in Belgrade. From Serbian cooking course to food tours unique to Belgrade: Eat Like Tito and Taste of Danube.

Eat Like Tito and Taste of Danube food tours

The food tours, or gastro experiences if you prefer, that Vladimir brain-cooked with us are Eat Like Tito and Taste of Danube.

Dashing Sophia Loren and her son in Tito’s kitchen.

Eat like Tito food tour takes you on a gastro historical journey to meet the personal and hedonistic side of the colossal figure from Yugoslav history, President and Marshall Tito. In Tito’s mausoleum and museum you hear the curator’s story about how Tito entertained his celebrity and super-power guests. Then you meet Tito’s personal chef. Hear what Tito was like in private and taste what he ate and what he drunk. Plus you get to cook and learn how to make Tito’s super steak!

This food tour in Belgrade gives you a fantastic overview of the decades of Yugoslav state and society. Not to mention the thrill for your taste buds! This is the only food tour in Belgrade and elsewhere where you meet the insiders of the larger-than-life persona of the communist leader like no other!

Karadjordje Steak. Photo by

If you prefer fish and river experience to all this glory and history, book Taste of Danube instead!

We wish you warm and tasty welcome to Belgrade! Enjoy your meals and build your skills! Prijatno!