Serbian wines to dine for - Unique Belgrade Wine Experience

Serbian wines to dine for

Serbian wine tasting momentum

Serbian wines are gaining momentum. Slowly but steadily.

If you’re drinking wine in Belgrade this Valentine’s Day, make it Serbian.

In orthodox tradition, 14 February is celebrated as Saint Tryphon’s Day. None less than the patron saint of winegrowers. A double reason to wine up!

What is your favorite Serbian wine?

Plus, there is a long weekend ahead. 15 February is a public holiday, the Constitution Day.

Serbian wines to have for a holiday dinner? We asked two Serbian gentlemen who know wine.

These are the three wines that got most their votes.

Signature native red wine, Prokupac

Prokupac is a must, as it is the signature variety of Serbian winemaking. This indigenous red dates back to 14th century. That makes it an ideal gift from Serbia for international wine lovers.

Modern Prokupac.

Prokupac is sure to pair with the Serbian seasonal cuisine. Medium-bodied, dry. Pair with lamb or pork roast, stews and any Serbian and Balkan meat dish.

Doja is a modern interpretation of Prokupac from Toplica region (compared to more traditional Prokupac from Župa region). So it’s more likely to please a modern wine lover. Still, it offers them tastes particular to Serbia.

This is the wine that won the regional title of “Best Indigenous Red Variety” at BIWC 2017.

Classic red, Cabernet Sauvignon

Radovanović Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve is the ultimate premium quality Serbian wine. It  showcases the fantastic potential of the wine region of Central Serbia.

Awarded Serbian Cabernet Sauvignon.

Now already a true classic, Radovanović CAB Reserve proves the vision of modern Serbian winemaking. Strong, powerful, rich in luxurious aromas.

Aged  in oak barrels for 18 months. Full-body, dry. Pair with the roast and red meat.


Sparkling white Trijumf Aleksandrović is made from Chardonnay, by traditional Champagne method.

Pair with seafood, white fish, medium strong cheese, chicken breasts, vegetables.

I always like to open a dinner or a special conversation with a glass of sparkling.

Makes great match with vanilla cream rich cakes, dry fruit and nuts.  

Belgrade wine tasting for two or more

If you’re into wine immersion check out our wine cellar proposition.  You prefer wine bars  – that’s an option too.

Do you prefer wine tasting in a family cellar 17m underground or in a wine bar mingling with locals?


Happy holidays!