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Where to shop gifts in Belgrade

Want to shop gifts in Belgrade for your loved ones? Make good choices with ease then! Shopping gifts in Belgrade is a great experience, if you have ideas what to get and where.

Let this guide help you. We carefully selected the gift ideas that show Belgrade’s creativity, design and style. Plus, we had dear people in mind, like the ones you have. So each item has a story. None is mass produced.

Belgrade Puzzle, right gift for entire family or for staying in

This witty designer duo is loved by witty Belgraders. Their range offers great choices for Belgrade inspired gifts such as  interpretations of Belgrade iconic symbols, streetwear lines for men and women and accessories. Wonder what Dechko Tzar means? Well…that’s very local and can be lost in translation. Come and see.

Puzzles Belgrade. By Dechko Tzar.

Dechko Tzar store, Gračanička 16, dechkotzar.com

Subtle jewelry in porcelain and silver

These beauties make you feel so feminine just by watching them. Imagine wearing them. Or making a gift this lovely for your mom or your best friend or another lovely woman in your life.

By artist Bojana Ristevski, Gallery Blatobran.

Gallery Blatobran, Gospodar Jevremova 38, blatobran.com


Unique gift for Middle Ages and jewelry fans

If you have Middle Age and history fans among your friends this is the way to go. These replicas of Serbian jewelry from Middle Ages are sure to strike as unique. Look at the motifs and the aesthetics! Looking for fantastic gifts in Belgrade? You found it.

Museum Shop, Museum of Applied Arts, Vuka Karadžića 18, mpu.rs

Original design leather gloves

Driving, protecting your hands or just accessorizing for style, with these designer leather gloves  you do not remain unnoticed. For decades, Belgrade designer Evica is making leather gloves in colors and forms that do not cease to amaze. These gloves will make a perfect gift from Belgrade.

Gallery Singidunum, Knez Mihailova 49, galerijasingidunum.com

Pets and pet lovers gifts from Belgrade

Ceramic pendants and brooches. Show your affection. The cutest little gifts by artist Minja at Blatobran Gallery.

 Statement Accessories

The designer-artist duo called this rose beauty Beret With an Attitude. It sings La Vie an Rose. The tag says: Love. In Serbian. Can you think of a better Valentine gift from Belgrade for her?

Remake Home, Kneza Sime Markovića 10, remakehome.net


Skateboard made in Belgrade

Skateboard? Really? Belgrade made. The founders were the skateboarding pioneers in Belgrade. Roy Lichtenstein is my favorite. Can you think of a better Valentine gift from Belgrade for him?

Rope Store, Karadjordjeva 36, ropeshop.rs


Scented candles as a great gift found in Belgrade

Try scented candles that promise to create atmosphere of Belgrade’s most coveted and picturesque streets. Always a perfect gift.

Makadam Store, Kosančićev Venac 20, makadam.rs

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* Photos are courtesy of the listed websites.