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Social dining and eating out in Belgrade with foodie musician

Social Dining International in Belgrade

Vladimir, the charming host of Serbian home cooking classes, has built great relationships with his guests and that is how the idea popped up! Every month, Vladimir and one of his international friends who live in Belgrade host cooking class of a different national cuisine. The purpose is to make it possible to people to taste and practice national home cuisines of other nations. Again, here we are not working with trained chefs, but with home cooks. They enjoy sharing their cooking tips and tricks with other enthusiasts.

It started with the Moroccan cooking class, with Vladimir’s lovely friend Imane, who has been living in Serbia for six years now. The guests, who included several locals and two temporary Belgraders from Philippines and Italy, were amazed with the tastes and the overall charm and easiness of the experience. The second class was Greek cuisine. After the summer break, you can expect invitations to Portuguese, Tunisian and Thai cooking classes!

This party of locals and guests prepared their festive meal combining Serbian and international traditions.

Eating out in Belgrade

This is what Vladimir told us about his most recent favorites among Belgrade restaurants:

I had two fantastic dining experience this spring in Belgrade. I warmly recommend these restaurants to those visiting Belgrade or to fellow Belgraders.

Credo Restaurant at Courtyard by Marriott Hotel invited us for the tasting of their spring summer menu. Their chef Nenad was my major impression. His concept Five Senses is fantastic. So inspired and inspiring. I really used my all five senses at that dining experience. Nenad is a cool humble good guy who knows his job. I loved the bread that simply melted in my mouth. The asparagus soup. The skate wings. This is the only place in Belgrade where you can eat this fish.

Chef Nenad Jovanović and his team in the background.

All the staff are kind and warm hearted. The food and the entire dining experience somehow manages to reconcile two opposing attributes – posh and homey! Totally my kind of stuff!

I felt so good at one point that I went to the restaurant piano, sit down and started playing. I simply felt I and good music belonged there.

National cuisine fine dining in Belgrade

Iris Restaurant offering New Balkan Cuisine also has kind and friendly staff. The interior is minimalistic yet comfortable, with a window to the kitchen. You see your food being prepared. They serve seasonal tasting menu of seven courses! We were a party of six: my friend who plays violin in a symphonic orchestra in Norway and is very spoiled when it comes to restaurants, two lawyers from Belgrade and our two musician friends from Belgrade.

Iris team, photo @newbalkancuisine

We were all thrilled with the exquisite food and presentation! The food is traditional Serbian and Balkanic. It has a lot in common with what my granny would cook, but the interpretation is fantastically innovative and refined. It is fine dining based on our national cuisine. What a concept!  I strongly believe in it and it tastes great. To eat something this good at reasonable prices, that is an experience you get only in Belgrade!

The best time to dine here would be not too late in the evening, as this is essentially hearty food. As the Serbian and Balkan cuisine should be!