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The Swimming Season by the Pools in Belgrade

In addition to number of attractive public beaches (Ada Ciganlija, Ada Medjica, Lido) and hidden river spots we do not reveal this easy, there is a number of swimming pools to make hot summer in the city better.


Tasmajdan Swimming Pool

Located in the city centre, next to Tašmajdan Park and close to Saint Mark church. The first world championships in swimming and water polo were held right here.

Gale – SRC 25 May – Milan Gale Muškatirović

Gale 25 May Swimming Pool

This swimming pool is just 50 meters from the river Danube, at its right bank. A funny part from the pool’s history: at the construction someone got something wrong and the pool turned out shorter than required for competitive swimming racing. So it could only host the competitions in synchro swimming.

From certain points of the pool’s sunbathing areas you can look at the walls of the Belgrade Fortress and its picturesque skyline, while sipping something refreshing laying on your sun bed.

The tennis courts owned by the tennis champion Novak Đoković are located within the complex.

On-the-river bars, restaurants and clubs can be a convenient evening fun after a day in the sun.


Kosutnjak Pool

Located within a beautiful lush park in a residential area, Košutnjak pool complex includes even a pool with several jumping trampolines.


Banjica Pool

Banjica is located at the outskirts of Banjica wood. This is where Partisan water polo club, one of the most successful water polo clubs in Europe, has its training base.


Olimp Pool

Located in the area called Zvezdara, after stars, this pool complex is also a kind of a cultural stage in summer, where concerts, parties and events take place.

11 April

11 April Swimming Pool New Belgrade

Swimming centre 11 April is located at the border of Novi Beograd (New Belgrade), Bezanijska Kosa and Zemun. I grew up in Novi Beograd so I spent many hot summer days in my pre-teenage phase right here.

If you are keen of seeing modernist architecture from the communist era New Belgrade is the place to explore. Ideally by car or scooter.