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Things to do in Belgrade in hot weather

What to do in Belgrade in hot weather? Don’t despair! Belgrade offers plenty of things to do during a heatwave. The two rivers and the terrain that goes up to several hundred meters . The green areas and underground havens.

These are the top things to do in hot summer in Belgrade.

Run to the hills: Košutnjak Park, lush woods and gourmet havens

Košutnjak is a large park looking like a woods, where you can find plenty of natural shade. The air is of special quality thanks to the hill height of 250m and the abundance of trees. The woods covers an area of 330 ha (820 acres). The air temperature is always a couple of degrees lower than downtown.

You can cool down at a cafe or at one of several restaurants with well deserved reputation for good food. Or you can chill  directly on the grass, barefoot. Košutnjak park is loved by the Belgraders, still large enough to never get too crowded. You can always find a quiet corner for yourself or mingle with people having picnic or barbecue.

One of the cafes secluded in lush greenery of Košutnjak.

It’s located just 6 km southwest from the downtown Belgrade, easily reached by taxi for around 7 EUR or by public transport.

It has been a public green area since the early 20th century, when the royals granted their hunting resort to the people. The name Košutnjak means a place where the does (female deer) are.

Take a boat tour of Belgrade rivers

Boat tour is our favorite way of cooling down. Breeze in your hair, feet in the water, ice cold drinks and fruit in the cooler.

Tour ending at sunset is an experience you never forget.

Belgrade is very lucky to have two big rivers: the Sava and the Danube. This means you can sail all day long or take a typical 1.5 hour ride. The boat ride on Sava shows you the Fortress, then the profile of the historical centre, the string of restaurants and clubs on the waterfront and the huge construction site of the latest mega development. All the way to laid back boat cafes and restaurants far up the river in New Belgrade.

The boat tour on the Danube starts at a sandy beach called Lido (oh yes!), passes lush green areas that soothe the eyes and clears the mind, and provides a fantastic view of Zemun old town at sunset, the lights and the water making it look Mediterranean.

Paddleboard on Belgrade rivers

There are several paddle boarding clubs in Belgrade. Our favorite SUPER is on the left bank of Sava River in New Belgrade. What makes paddleboarding here special is that you circle a river island that is possessively protected by the local boathouses owners.  This means you’ll experience peace and quite and even may get a home cooked meal on your way.

Taking it easy around the river island on Sava.

Paddleboarding is easy and fun to do! Anyone can do it, as no particular skill or conditioning is required.

Sip chilled wine at underground wine cellar

This is a true wine lovers’ hideaway from the heat, as the cellar has the constant air temperature of 12 degrees C. It’s 17 meters underground. That’s why you get to fully enjoy the wine tasting regardless of the tropical heat outside.

The heat cannot get you here.

If you are wondering which  Serbian wines go best with high air temperatures, the kind and knowledgable hosts will advise on the best local choices. How to choose between  Muscat Ottonel,  Tamjanika and Morava, for example. Or when to pick local Sauvignon over Smederevka or vice versa.

Stay cool in Belgrade!