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Top 5 things to do in Belgrade when it rains

Belgrade rain

How to have a great experience on a rainy day in Belgrade, without hiding under umbrella? Our top five picks can help. From adrenalin surge to pampering relaxation, these are the five experiences our guests loved last year.

Escape.   1 hour

Escape without going anywhere. The escape room games are located in the city centre at Terazije Square. To escape the room, you and your friends will have to solve a mystery or find hidden treasure in 60 minutes. The escape room Kafana Yugoslavia  is the local context, where you seek a lost family recipe for rakija. The other two rooms are voodoo and Robin Hood theme adventures. Adrenalin to wake you up on a rainy day!

Escapemania: escape@escapemania.rs Price: 35 euro in total for 5 persons. Working hours: 10 am t0 10 pm.

See a movie at unique cinema theatre.   2 hours

The two theaters of Kinoteka Museum (Yugoslav Film Archive Museum) offer a true cinema experience. This cinematography temple shows greatest movies of all times in original languages, with Serbian subtitles. The interior boasts high ceilings and wooden casing on the walls, with elegant foyer. The venue is recently renovated 19th century building, that was originally the Belgrade City Hall.

What a premium cultural experience for a ticket price of 2 to 3 euro. Movies run three times a day.

Elegant theatre showing classic movies.

Loose yourself  in history at the Museum at the Belgrade Fortress.   2.5 hours

Unroll the long story. From the migration of Slavs to Balkan Peninsula in the 6th century to the last war conflicts during the 90ies. The Military Museum displays over 3000 objects. See the boy toys from Roman swords and Greek helmets to Serbian medieval knight’s armors and crossbows to Western medieval weapons. Modern guns and firearms and the collection of uniforms included.

The ticket price: 1.7 euro. The private tour in English with a museum curator: 50 euro. Tue  – Sun, 10 am – 5 pm.

Military Museum on 1934 Belgrade postcard, when the building was seat to Geography Institute.

Wine and rakija tasting in amazing cellar.   3.5 hours

Carefully assorted selection of four or six Serbian red and white wines, paired bites and rakija on top. All you need to know about Serbian wine and spirits. Many guests found it the most memorable experience of Belgrade. The venue is amazing, more than 10 meters underground, a maze-like space of mysterious history. Today it is hosted by the family’s third generation of wine makers. Some claim it is a part of network of underground corridors leading all the way to the Belgrade Fortress.

Price per person: 30 – 50 euro. Booking required one day in advance: walking.belgrade@gmail.com.

We wine and unwind. No rain in our cellar.

Relax by the indoor pool with a park view.   4 – 8 hours

Spa experience that combines wellness ambience with a winter terrace looking into greenery of Belgrade’s Tašmajdan Park. The pool with loungers, jacuzzi, sauna, ice fountains and steam bath, tea and fruit, gym and fitness.

Limegrove Fitness and Spa at Metropol Palace Hotel. Daily pass: 25 euro Mon – Fri, 35 euro on weekend days.

Who cares if it rains outside?