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Top 7 places to have espresso in Belgrade

Morning cappuccino and espresso later on in the day. Belgrade took the Italian way of brewing and serving coffee to another level. What Italians do al banco , that is standing by the bar, Belgrade does all day long while sitting comfortably. Single origin espresso became a favorite of Belgrade tastemakers so expect some seriously good coffee at right places.

History of coffee in Belgrade

Having coffee with another person has always been the number one social interaction in Belgrade. Since the first Belgrade coffee roasters and lovers, the Turkish janissaries in 16th century, by the river docks in Savamala. Later, the Austrians who were fighting for Belgrade with the Ottomans for 300 years,  brought some of their cafe culture. It all started in Savamala, close to the historical port. Belgrade cafes and taverns are its real landmarks. Packed with Belgraders even in turbulent times of scarcity, these places were bohemian in true sense.

Espresso culture in Belgrade

In recent years, the coffee game got bigger. The entire espresso culture emerged. Selected single origins, roasting, brewing and serving became state of the art. The selections are as wide as 15 espressos offerings at a cafe. Cafe interiors boast great design and curated playlists. Every now and then you can expect a matinee DJ set or even a vocalist performing live.

Or you can just have your single espresso and move on to have a great day in Belgrade.

Top espresso places in Belgrade we love

We share our list of favorite espresso places in Belgrade. We love them for coffee or other reasons as important as coffee.

If you want your espresso coffee close to Belgrade Fortress and Kalemegdan

Then have it at Koffein at Uskočka. This is our top of mind place for all the good reason. Fantastic location just off the main street, excellent coffee, energetic people, friendly and efficient staff.

If you would rather sit in a little cafe try their older sister in Dorćol. The neighborhood that is not touristy but started trending.

One more reason we love Koffein for: they serve fantastic chocolate eclaires made by our favorite Belgrade cake artist Fini.

For you who prefer coffee chains Kafeterija is a local chain that still manages to keep a feel of a local coffee place. Probably closest to Belgrade Starbucks. With shops  in most charming corners of prime locations, this cafe business combines hipster aesthetics with comfort and classic. Laptop people love working here.

The latest addition is a grand cafe in the building that is a pearl of Belgrade art nouveau architecture. It is located in Kralja Petra Street,  that is most interesting to walk. The street is still where the ancient Romans put it, on the walking route that  connects the two Belgrade rivers. Now it is rich with historic styles in architecture and designer stores.

If you  want your espresso coffee in Donji Dorćol

Pržionica D59B at Dobračina 59 pioneered coffee roasting in open. If you like having your espresso by the bar or basking in the sun on the stairs in front this is the place for you. Some Belgrade people drive from work to have their coffee break here. It is a trending neighborhood close to Danube river, changing from industrial to hip.

Aviator Coffee Explorer at Gundulićev Venac has a great street terrace in a quiet elegant street, under the trees.

If you  want your espresso coffee in Vračar

Now these are the favorites close to our hearts. This is where we have best coffee with best friends. Vračar is one of the most coveted neighborhoods of Belgrade. It tops the lists of places to visit in Belgrade for various reasons: glorious St Sava church, Tesla museum and Kalenić farmers market. For us Belgraders it is the neighborhood where we pick fresh produce and vintage finds at Kalenić farmers market and then sit for cappuccino or americano before lunch. Or for espresso before or after work.

Zona Industriale in Njegoševa 49 serves only two sorts of espresso  beans but their guests would not have their espresso or cappuccino anywhere else. The Italians who live in Belgrade come here for a coffee. In the golden era of Belgrade 1980es this place was home to the cult cafe where people would even stand in front, having their drinks on the street, just to be there. The interior is basically industrial yet styled with comfortable mid century and 80ies chairs and sofa and clever details.

Kozmetičar  in Radoslava Grujića is a laid back comfortable place with great coffee and breakfast and a not to miss carrot cake. It is never hectic. You can work on your laptop or have coffee with friends or colleagues or just enjoy the moment yourself, with a book on art or design. There is a cute little garden for spring and summer breakfasts.

Moment in Petrogradska is the go to coffee place for Vračar locals, especially on weekends, after  grocery shopping at Kalenić farmers market. Our favorite in spring and summer for its tucked in garden with trees that make cool breeze.