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Farmers Market

A sensory experience: colours, tastes, smells, sounds of a market day. With some looking around. Before the supermarket there was a farmers market. This is the market where the chefs and the rest of us shop for groceries, for what they will serve for demanding palates or what we offer for a family lunch on […]

Cooking Class in Belgrade

Serbian cooking class in Belgrade may be the best way to taste this budding city! Start your Serbian cooking class with grocery picking at farmers market with your host Vlad. Taste the fresh seasonal produce right from the stalls. Have a savory snack at an old school bakery. Have a light walk through the heart […]

Wine tasting experiences in Belgrade

Only for those who appreciate best wine Would you like to excite your palates and hearts and look into the very soul of Serbia through wine? The  wine tasting experience in Belgrade will introduce you to exceptional Serbian wines and make you feel like royalty. Depending on your wishes there are two options for wine […]