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Farmers Market Food Tour
Farmers Market Food Tasting Tour

Farmers market food tour – tasting unique to Belgrade You will discover 7 amazing tastes most particular to Serbia. From fresh cow cheese, ajvar, kaymak, čvarci and ćevapi to fresh or preserved fruit and a surprise dessert! Ajvar is a roasted red pepper spread. It is the author’s absolute favorite! (As evidenced in the author’s […]

Cooking Class in Belgrade

Serbian cooking class in Belgrade may be the best way to taste this budding city! Start your Serbian cooking class with grocery picking at farmers market with your host Vlad. Taste the fresh seasonal produce right from the stalls. Have a savory snack at an old school bakery. On your way to Vlad’s kitchen, you […]

Wine tasting experiences in Belgrade

Premium wine tasting in Belgrade This wine tasting adventure takes you to a mysterious candle-lit maze-like wine cellar. The cellar dates all the way back to the Ancient Romans. Here everything is suited for your premium wine tasting experience. Far from noise and rush of the city. There is no cellphone reception inside this unique […]

gastronomic tour in Belgrade
Belgrade Food Tour – Eat Like Tito

Josip Broz Tito was the Yugoslav political leader for four decades, from 1941 to his death in 1980.  This extravagant communist was, in fact, a charming gentleman. He socialized with power-players and celebrities of his time: JFK and Nixon, Queen Elizabeth II, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor. Belgrade food tour Eat Like Tito introduces you […]