Belgrade boat tour. Best summer experience of Belgrade and its rivers

Belgrade boat tour

Belgrade boat tour is the best summer experience of Belgrade! Meet the most beautiful face of the city and hide away from the heat on our Belgrade boat tour. See the landmarks and spot the secret river getaways. Feel the water and the breeze. With your private captain – guide, who will tell you about what you see and don’t see, and who can sing like a siren! This Belgrade boat tour will have you all recharged and refreshed. To complete the experience, we can include seasonal bites and sips.

Belgrade boat tour
Broad blue horizons over Sava River.

Very few cities in the world can boast two rivers and the confluence! Belgrade was built exactly above the confluence of Sava to Danube. Most of the history of Belgrade has been about the rivers. Commercial and strategic routes once, the two beautiful and mighty rivers are now the routes of nautical experience, leisure and entertainment. Have a piece of this heavenly chill on our Belgrade boat tour!

Historical centre of Belgrade seen from the river.

What will you see on Belgrade boat tour

A lot!

You will see a beautiful and diverse face of Belgrade that you cannot see any other way. The grand Belgrade Fortress. The skyline of the old town of Belgrade and the string of hip restaurants of Beton Hala right under the historical top floor. A giant construction site of the large scale development right on the waterfront. On the other bank, on Belgrade boat tour you will see (and hear!) the numerous boat night clubs unique to Belgrade, called splavs, the legendary scene of the nightlife that never stops.

The captain-guide will tell you all there is to know about the sites along the ride.

The confluence and river islands in Belgrade.

A special curiosity are the two river islands, whose histories are filled with war stories, secluded by lush green vegetation. No wonder they are home to many bird species and other wildlife! Should we agree in advance, we can make a hop off and and a short walk on the Great War Island.

What to expect from Belgrade boat tour

Besides the landmarks and the world- famous splavs, there is another face of Belgrade to meet on the river. Even more exciting and hedonistic, if you ask us for opinion. Only on the boat tour of Belgrade you can see and visit tucked-in boat houses, fishermen boats, luscious greenery, hidden home cooking spots, sunbathing terraces just above the water, stand up paddlers, families having great time on small boats or party people having their things going on larger boats.

Little piece of paradise on Sava River, only by boat.

Use the river when you are in Belgrade! Dip your toes in water. Or in sand! There is a sandy beach just off the city centre. Fish. Chill. Feel like you are miles away from the city buzz. Feel the wind in your hair. Unwind, you deserve it! Watch the city lights turn on at twilight. Breathe the fresh air and breeze. Recharge in only 90 minutes, as if you have been on a retreat for an entire day!

Our unique touch to Belgrade boat tour

Make toast with the captain with his home-made moonshine. If you want, you may even drive the boat for a minute. But make sure that happens before that toast.

Upon your request, we take you to a hidden place to taste the fresh home cooked meal or fish, if you have time. No menus. Only what they cooked that day. Or, we can arrange to have some delicious seasonal bites and sips for you to taste onboard.

When in the mood, the captain sings. Remember the Odyssey and the sirens? Well, on our good days we do make the experiences mythical on Belgrade boat tours.

One way or another, you will be mesmerized with the experience of Belgrade rivers. We look forward to having you on board in Belgrade!

Please note

Level of physical activity: Light, sitting on the boat.

Life vests: available on the boat. Wearing not compulsory.

Meeting point and end point: Marina at Kula Nebojša, below the Belgrade Fortress. We will send you Google Map coordinates or another explanation when you book the tour.

Extra expenses: None on board.

Refreshment: available on board.

Recommendable: bathing suit and light colored natural fabrics wear, SPF for your skin.


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