Made in Belgrade fashion private guided tour. Best shopping in Belgrade

Made in Belgrade fashion private guided tour

Lady Gaga wears Ana Ljubinković. You may want to buy a dress before the prices rocket.

Looking for original local designs in fashion, accessories, home decoration and gifts in Belgrade? Join Made in Belgrade fashion private guided tour on hunt for chic. We take you to selected places with curated stocks and cozy interiors. Feel a true Belgrade shopping rush.

This is a fashion tour only for the ones with special and exquisite taste, the ones who knows and cares about a true style and are not afraid to show it to the world.

Forget exhausting crowds and mass high street offers where you end up finding nothing worthy of you.

Made in Belgrade fashion private guided tour hand picks unique, handmade ladies wear, shoes, bags, accessories and home decor you cannot find anywhere else except on this fashion tour at charming locations of Belgrade’s central neighborhoods.

Made in Belgrade fashion private guided tour that is just right for you

You have unique fashion style, pick clothes your personal way and love accessories? You are enthusiastic about discovering young designers and local brands? Like to style your home with pieces that show craftsmanship? Enjoy wearing natural fabrics and cuts that flatter? Then this is a right fashion tour for you.

Let’s check out Belgrade design scene together on a Belgrade fashion private guided tour! Find a unique piece of wear for that special occasion you look forward to.

Get someone dear that original gift that will stand out and get yourself a pair of shoes no one else home will be wearing.

If you want to meet the design-conscious side of Belgrade then this is the right tour for you. Add something that is only yours to take away, on top of all that ‘party city with epic history’ experience. Belgrade gets more personal and more memorable with Belgrade fashion private guided tour.

Home decoration objects with grit, yet feminine, by Belgrade female artist-designer duo. Surprise your girls or your home!

Why is Made in Belgrade private tour special?

We stop at maximum of eight (8) shops. Walking in between is short and comfortable. On lovely streets and neighborhoods we Belgraders covet most.

Your companion and host on the Made in Belgrade private tour is a Belgrade insider who has been wearing these clothes and buying gift objects for clients for years. One of the first to know what is new on stock, and trained her fashion eye in Rome.

We selected designers whom we love and wear for years or would love to. We chose concept stores run by their founders. Where each item has a story and a known origin. This way you can be comfortable what you see is fresh in design,  reliable in quality, smart in shape and cut, unique to Belgrade and recognized internationally.

Why is Made in Belgrade fashion private guided tour best for shopping in Belgrade?

The items range from ladies daily wear and party wear, hand made leather shoes and bags, accessories, jewelry, table wear, home decoration objects, applied arts objects to small series of Belgrade memorabilia.

The styles include a variety. We listen about your needs and preferred style so we personalize the itinerary to your preferences. We can agree in advance or decide when we meet.

All production is local. This brings another less known benefit to you. The Serbian textile and leather industry and artisanry has a strong tradition. This know how remained in capable hands of masters who make the products after the bold designs of Belgrade creatives.

A traditional knitwear from mountains of Serbia revisited. Design by George Styler x Sirogojno.

The prices are reasonable. The kind service adds to the overall experience and the fact that you set the pace speaks for itself.

Come on, join us for this exciting yet comfortable style hunt!

Mishka train case. The loveliest bag around. Wear it in hand or at belt.

Please note

Level of physical activity: Light to medium, walking.

Not suitable for children and teenagers.

Best time: Between 11 am and 5 pm.

Entry tickets: None.

Extra expenses: None. In case we decide to have a coffee break you bear your expenses.

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