Belgrade Fortress Tour - 2000 years in 120 minutes

Belgrade Fortress Tour

To see the big picture and get the epics of Belgrade - this is the place to be and story to hear!

Belgrade Fortress holds traces of historical empires such as Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and Hapsburgs.

Belgrade Fortress Tour tells stories less known

We bet you will want to know why the Noon bell in all European churches celebrates Belgrade.

Which Sultan called the Fortress his Contemplation hill.

What happened when Nazis bombed Belgrade in 1941.

And what happened when there was a threat from the SSSR in the 1950ies.

Where does Belgrade Fortress tour take me?

We start at the beginning of the history of the Belgrade Fortress, on the location of the original gate of the ancient Roman castrum.

Belgrade Fortress is an open air museum of cultural treasures. Here we see some ancient Roman sarcophagi.

Every step that you make, from this point on, will take you past the gates and walls, dungeons and towers. Every sight is a monument and memory of war and peace, life and death, rise and fall of empires and people that left their mark in time.

Belgrade Fortress tour will tell you stories of intriguing battles and sieges of Belgrade Fortress and tragic and glorious lives of European noblemen and Ottoman sultans.

You will feel the East and the West clashing furiously, trying to push the borders and prevail in the Balkans.

Underground secrets uncovered at Belgrade Fortress private tour

You will visit mysterious underground of the Belgrade Fortress and hear thriller stories from its past. Brace yourselves for chills down your spine.

One of the best kept secrets of Yugoslav Army hidden in plain sight on Belgrade Fortress.

Alfred Hitchcock reported that he found an underground chamber of Belgrade Fortress to be very inspiring. The one you are going to visit on the tour!

Moving to more recent past, you will enter one of the best kept secrets of Yugoslav army from the Cold War era! It only became known to public 5 years ago.

Panoramic views and dramatic sunset on Belgrade Fortress

A view from Belgrade Fortress. Sun sets on New Belgrade, once the capital of Socialist Yugoslavia.

The panorama view from Belgrade Fortress will surely impress you.

You will stand at the plateau where the iconic Victor monument, a symbol of Belgrade, stands tall and proud.

This is a unique opportunity to grasp the border between Europe and the Balkans. We bet you will want to make more than few photos.

For the romantics, we recommend scheduling the tour around sunset. Sunset in Belgrade is around 4 pm in winter,  around 6 pm in spring and around 8 in summer.

Please note

Level of physical activity: Medium, walking and standing, some going up and down stairs.

Children and teenagers: Friendly.

Entry tickets: Included.

Meeting point and time: The exact meeting point and time is agreed with you upon booking.

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