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Belgrade Street Art Tour

The artist Jana is taking you on a Belgrade street art tour like no other.

Discover the art you never knew existed in Belgrade! 

With Jana you connect the dots of Belgrade’s street art across four decades.

First wave murals in Belgrade on landmark locations.

Start legit: First wave of Belgrade Street Art

Belgrade Street Art Tour with Jana starts with the first wave of Belgrade wall art. See the planned, government-financed murals. The established artists painted these murals in 80ies and 90ies. 

Tifo passion in Belgrade Street Art

Next you’ll contrast those murals with the particular series of recent murals by a local football club supporters. Their messages might surprise you! Get a unique insight into the less obvious realities of Belgrade.

Street Gallery in Belgrade

You’ll discover the Street Gallery, hidden in the very center of Belgrade and the wall art around it.  The right place to understand the difference between the ‘contemporary illegal mural’ and the graffiti. 

Local to Global

Further along the tour, see the works of two young local artists who became global street art stars.

Savamalac by Belgrade artist Super Timor.

Savamala quarter: Belgrade neighborhood branded by street art

Through numerous street art works present in and around the quarter we get to understand “the rules of the game” and its hierarchy.  Here you learn the street art vocabulary! What is graffiti, tag, stencil, paste up, full color, throw up etc.

Art by TKV (left) and Aleksandar Maćašev (right) on a wall in Savamala.

Besides the local, the international street artists left there marks here. Decifer them! From Blek Le Rat, often called ‘father of stencil graffiti’ and precursor to Banksy, to the younger generations.

Paste up with San Michele Arcangelo by Guido Reni by Blek Le Rat in Savamala, 2009.

Street art in Belgrade was booming in Savamala in the period 2009 – 2014. Find out what was happening then and see what’s going on now.

Serbian for love in cyrilic. Detail of a wall in Savamala.
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