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Boat Tour Belgrade

And how do you unwind
Nirvana. Danube. Mermaid. Nymph. Caption it yourself.
Confluence Belgrade. Bird view.
The Chill

Very few capitals and cities in Europe and in the world boast two rivers and the confluence.

And there is more than just geography. Navigare necesse est and you know it. Dip your toes in water. Or in sand! There is a sandy beach just off the city centre. Fish. Watch birds. Feel like you are miles away from the city buzz.

See the beautiful enface of the Belgrade Fortress from the river. Check out the hip restaurants from a safe distance. See Novak Đoković’s tennis courts. Look at the sleepy Zemun whose veduta is unmistakably Central European, but with a twist, as always in Belgrade.

Let the captain make you some coffee and offer his home made quince moonshine.

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