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Cooking Belgrade

Workin it
Ćevapi ... We bet you can do it too
Chopping board is The Board here!
Guilty pleasure excellence -čvarci
Helping hand in the time of need
Raki chaud ... nothin better to warm us up!
Smokin hot
The national aperitif - single origin plum raki!

Want to roll your sleeves and get into it? Those notorious high-pleasure and high-irresponsible dishes?

Uštipci, čorba, ćevapčići….As tongue-breaking it can be to call them properly, once you learn to make them, chop them, squeeze them, bake them, you will be able to recreate that sensory experience on your own, whenever and wherever you want it.

What you get is a welcome of traditional snacks (meze), a cooking session, complete lunch menu, a story about Serbian food and ingredients, a recipe booklet,  car transfer to and from the venue and a little surprise to take away.

All of it in an open kitchen in a homey backyard. In the atmospheric Zemun where taking it easy and tasty is the way of life.

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