Cooking Class in Belgrade -Most Engaging Local Food Experience

Cooking Class in Belgrade

Serbian cooking class in Belgrade may be the best way to taste this budding city!

Start your Serbian cooking class with grocery picking at farmers market with your host Vlad. Taste the fresh seasonal produce right from the stalls. Have a savory snack at an old school bakery.

Serbian cooking class teaches you how to spice things up! Beginning at farmers market.

On your way to Vlad’s kitchen, you will briefly walk through the heart of old town Zemun. The Serbian cooking class takes place at a family home of real Belgrade people, with a tucked-in green garden!

The cooking happens in the garden when the weather is nice, or inside a funky and comfortable kitchen in winter or on a rainy day.

Cooking class starts with a traditional Serbian aperitif.

For the start you get an appetizer, the famous Serbian meze  of charcuterie, kajmak (the most delicious milk fat cream) and ajvar (roasted peppers delight) and rakija (a strong spirit made of plum).

Then you roll up the sleeves!

What I cook and eat at Serbian cooking class

In the next two hours you will chop, squeeze, shape, bake, taste, shape, cook, decorate, serve, eat and drink. By the end of the Serbian cooking class you will be able to prepare a complete meal! Including the favorite dessert from granny’s cookbook.

Serbian salad is a warm up exercise. You chop the fresh local veggies, add some delicious local cheese that you have grated and learn the right proportions to make the perfect dressing.

Ćevapi – the all time favorite! We bet you can do it too!

The star dish is ćevapčići. This is one of all time favorites of our cuisine.

You’ll learn how to make a perfect proportion of beef and pork. You will mold those perfect little batons with your own hands! And then you get to grill them, like a pro.

With a back up from your host.

Ćevapi taste best straight from the grill!

The dessert is fun to make – knedle sa šljivama. Plums in potato dumplings that you shape into little balls and cover with a delicious buttered crumble.

Home cooking style of Serbian cooking class

Beside the food, the guests praise the atmoshpere of Serbian cooking class with Vlad. The atmosphere of get together with friends to cook and eat.

The food is easier to cook and tastier to eat with a friendly host.

We chat about our cooking traditions, our customs, the original Serbian home cuisine and the influences from the West and the East that shaped it.

Your host of Serbian cooking class

Your host is Vladimir, an enthusiastic home cook. Vlad has been hosting Serbian cooking classes for five years now. His inspiration came from cooking classes at various destinations he has been to.

Vlad chose his favorite tastes from his granny’s kitchen and now offers them to guests of Belgrade.

Vlad and his guest are preparing to start the cooking class.

Vlad’s daily job is music teacher. Now you get where from he’s got his patience for hosting the cooking classes.

If you’re a foodie or a home – cooking enthusiast, or just looking to meat real people and eat real food, join us for this unique experience.

Farmers market visit, walking through the heart of Zemun, mezze and appetizers, complete lunch, a recipe booklet and skills for new meals to try at home!

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