Farmers Market Food Tasting - Meet 7 best unique tastes of Serbia

Farmers Market Food Tasting

Not an art installation, but pumpkins.
Slatko, a fruit preserve, I just love it. A traditional token of welcome by the lady of the house, home made (by that lady or another, but this is something that has never gone industrial). Served with a glass of ice cold water. A guest is supposed to have a spoonful. I can eat half a jar at once. White cherries and wild strawberries, my favourite tastes.
A stall at the near by farmers market, where we pick the garlic and onions to spice up the dishes we make.
Garlic lowers the blood pressure and has a strong antibacterial effect
Spice it up
Oh my cuteness/C.U.T.E
On our way to…
A bit of random street scenery along the way. Some esoteric symbolism can be conveniently read in ;). The street is becoming home to bistro versions of Belgrade’s most praised restaurants.
Guilty pleasure
Well deserved after all this walking and talking.
Coffee matters. Who believes in headlines
As an addition to a local tradition of inviting someone home for a cup of coffee, specialty coffee shops and roasters have been booming in the last couple of years. Some Belgraders have it their way.

Farmers Market Food Tour in Belgrade means you go straight to the best unique tastes of Serbia! We take you to the tried and tested stalls of farmers and traditional producers we know by name. Plus, we show you the bars, bistros and traditional eateries most loved by locals in Belgrade, all located close to the farmers market.

This tour is the best answer to the question Where to Eat in Belgrade. All you need to know and taste in 90 minutes.

Onions and garlic are indispensable in Serbian traditional dishes. Natural OTC antibiotics.

Looking for best cheese and kaymak or freshest fruit and veggies? Want to taste the Serbian charcuterie and hand made traditional pastry?

Then make sure you experience the best unique tastes of Serbia at farmers market tour with us.

Farmers and traditional producers hand-pick the produce you will taste.

Food tasting at farmers market

You will discover 7 specific tastes of Serbia: fresh cow milk cheese, ajvar, kaymak, čvarci, ćevapi, fresh or dried fruit and a surprise dessert!

Ajvar (red) and kaymak (white) pair well both on palates and photos!

Ajvar is a roasted red pepper spread. It is the author’s absolute favorite! (As evidenced in the author’s ability to eat half a jar at once.) Some call it vegetarian caviar! Ajvar can be hot/spicy or mild.

Kaymak is a dairy spread you can think of as an aged clotted cream. But taste it, don’t think it! Kaymak is made from the cream skimmed from cow milk.

Fresh cow cheese is the healthiest pick among our 7 unique tastes of Serbia.

Fresh soft cow cheese is a healthy delicacy, rich in proteins and low on salt, fats and carbs. We weren’t aware how unique it was in the global gastro world, until we heard it from a star chef! We adore its mild yet unmistakable taste and sleek texture.

Čvarci is a type of pork scratching, crispy bites made of cooked lard. This is the guiltiest of pleasures among our 7 unique tastes!

Experience excellence in guilty pleasures –  čvarci!

Ćevapi are baton-shaped grilled minced meat, mainly beef. The variances may include lamb or pork. Ćevapi are probably the top star of the all-star Serbian grilled meat palette (that includes pljeskavica, sausages, vešalica and skewers).

Ćevapi taste best straight from the grill! That’s how we’ll taste them on the tour.

Discover real Belgrade at Farmers Market Tour

You will taste real Belgrade in a wider sense. This means you will see how Belgrade locals spend their private time with family and friends, pick groceries, sip coffees and take it easy.

Tap into where and how locals eat, socialize and unwind.

The bars, bistros and old style eateries most loved by locals are located on the route of our Farmers Market Tour. These are the perfect hot spots for exploring and enjoying this distinctive part of local culture.

Serbian food stories

This is the farmers market where Belgrade chefs and the rest of us shop for groceries. This is where you best understand what we eat and why, before it is served in a restaurant.

You will understand Serbian cuisine and food folklore.

Listen to food stories linked to culture, history, economy, religion, folklore and trends. Serbian cuisine is a melting pot of different gastronomic traditions that met here. Learn how East and West melt in Serbian kitchen!

Best foodie walk in Belgrade – Where to Eat in Belgrade

After the tasting, we will walk you through the charming streets surrounding the farmers market. This is where locals actually eat out.

Discover a street that is becoming the booming gastro oasis of Belgrade. The modern bistros are tucked in green street gardens. Some of the brightest stars of Serbian new cuisine operate here.

The most original tastemaker of Belgrade gastro scene, a bistro on our route.

Find out where we get traditional pastry for breakfast or our hangover food. See where we buy the delicious desserts when we want to impress our guests or comfort ourselves.

Next,  we stroll another charming street ​vibrating with Belgrade’s famous café culture of enjoying life, socializing and taking it easy.

By the end of the tour, you will feel at ease with choosing  where to have lunch or dinner, sip coffee or wine or buy goodies to take away.

Book your Farmers Market Tour and enjoy your 90 minutes of taking it easy and tasty with us! Puzzle of Where to Eat in Belgrade solved!

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