Gastronomic tour in Belgrade - Eat Like Tito

Food tour in Belgrade – Eat Like Tito

Dashing Sophia Loren in Tito's kitchen

Josip Broz Tito was the Yugoslav political leader for 4 decades, founder of Non-Aligned Movement and a true hedonist. On our food tour in Belgrade – Eat like Tito, you will take a journey to Tito’s favorite recipes and dishes. You will hear stories of his hedonistic persona and socializing with dignitaries and celebrities of his time, that include Queen Elizabeth II, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor. On this private gastronomic tour you will see curated memorabilia and understand Yugoslavia of 20th century. Plus, you get to unwind and cook Tito’s bites in a homey private garden.

Gastronomic tour in Belgrade that will get you hands on Serbian food history

As food is one of the best ways to understand anything or anyone, you will experience gastronomic tour in Belgrade that is a unique culinary experience.

We take you to the restaurant owned and ran by Mića, one of Tito’ s favourite chefs. Mića was responsible for menus of thousands of official meals, but also for Tito’s personal favorites and comfort food. You will taste one of dishes of Tito’s choice – a traditional pastry from his homeland. And  one of the recipes Mića invented for Tito. This is a unique dish you can not try anywhere else but on this gastronomic tour in Belgrade, as Mića did not want to lend the recipe to any other restaurant.

Karadjordje Steak. Photo by

The story and the recipe of Karadjordje’s Steak is a key part of this experience. This is where you get on stage.

You will learn how to prepare the steak, all the way, from softening the meet to stuffing it with a local superstar dairy product kajmak to frying it so it keeps its particular shape. Decorate it as the original or unleash a food stylist in you and do it your way!

Your cooking class happens in a relaxing atmosphere of a private garden in an authentic old style Belgrade residential area.

Mystery named Tito

A dictator or a superhero, an idol or a villain? Tito is without a doubt one of the epic personalities of the 20th century. A Slovenian born Croatian national, whose pre WWII life is quite mysterious. Tito led the Yugoslav partisans and communists to the victory in the war and led the entire Yugoslavia in the decades to follow.

Tito with PM of Burma and Aleksandar Rankovic

Adored by the Yugoslav people and respected by the major statesmen of his time, partially due to his world-class propaganda that included the movies with Richard Burton and Orson Welles and his ruthlessness with the political opponents, Tito remains a gigantic figure in public memory. A communist leader like no other, he enjoyed all that a life of an uncrowned king had to offer.

Yugoslav flag carried to the Moon by Apollo 17 and a fragment of the Moon. Gift to Tito from President Nixon

You grasp some of Tito’s grandeur at Museum of Yugoslavia. In a beautiful green residential area of Belgrade called Dedinje, where Tito the President lived, his mausoleum, known as House of Flowers,  stands from 1980 when he died. Tito’s funeral was the biggest public funeral in the 20th century until the funeral of Pope John Paul II. The museum exhibits unique collection of gifts from all around the world that Tito received at official state visits and some of his personal items. The curators’ stories and the exhibits will tell you what Yugoslavia was about and why many of us are still nostalgic about those times.


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