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New Belgrade Architecture Tour

New Belgrade architecture has become the talk of the town. Tour it in 120 minutes, to see and understand the bright side of Yugoslav communism.

Meet in person the five iconic buildings that impressed MoMa visitors last year. From international modernism to brutalism.

What you’ll see are the buildings for the socialist elites, buildings for socialist business, buildings to impress the non aligned and social housing blocks for the classless society.

Social housing blocks on the left bank of Sava river. Photo by Joca Ristić, 1980.

In the years from 1948 to 1980, New Belgrade – the capital of Socialist Yugoslavia, has grown from 0 to 200,000 in population.

Discover how architecture and urban planning played their role in that socialist success story.

New Belgrade Architecture Tour Starting Point

We’ll meet in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art at Ušće. This  is the first exemplary building on our itinerary. The Museum was one of the first designated points of urban planning of New Belgrade.

You’ll notice how Museum stands right across Belgrade Fortress, on the other bank of Sava river. We’ll explore its modernist volumes from outside.

On the tour you’ll find out why Museum’s facade is made from expensive white stone, quite unique in communist architecture.

Next, the guide will tell you about the itinerary, its background and the recent buzz.

We’ll drive by and speak about Government Building, another monument of socialist architecture and Hotel Yugoslavia, once the most luxurious Belgrade hotel.

Genex Tower aka Western City Gate of Belgrade

You’ll have a close up of this amazing 30 floor structure, that has won instagrams and hearts of many Belgrade visitors.

Genex Tower, by architect Mihailo Mitrović, completed 1979. Photo by, 2018.

Built 40 years ago, it was the first smart building in the Balkans and entered the international architecture reviews for its concrete expressionism.

From the block: Socialist public housing in Belgrade

Next, we’ll get inside the Block 23, the most representative public housing project. The apartment buildings, the school, the kindergarten, the sport courts, the mini shopping mall. Everything was  there for the inhabitants.

Block 23 is the tour stop where we grasp the socialist concept of public housing at its best. Photo by

You’ll hear our personal stories of life in the blocks in their golden decades of 60s, 70s and 80s. Then the stories of living not so great in 90s.

Congress center to impress the non aligned comrades

Our final stop is a gigantic congress center, built at the end of 1970s. The first building of that sort in this part of Europe.

It’s still in function and holds some fantastic interior solutions. Major movie premiers and concerts take place in its main hall.

Sava Center with the then Inter Continental Belgrade (now Crowne Plaza) hotel.
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