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Private guided tour Belgrade center

Happy Prince and Other Tales
The monument is the most popular meeting point in Belgrade center. The prince Mihailo Obrenović ended the 500 years long Ottoman domination over Serbia.

This private guided tour Belgrade center, called Belgrade Center Insider, is a quick and elegant way to get familiar with the core of this intriguing city. You will see and read Belgrade center landmarks and connect the dots. Plus, this private tour lets you discover hidden gems of Belgrade.

Your companion on the tour, a true Belgrade center insider, takes care of your needs and your interests, whether you are into or want to know where to eat or where to shop.

Where does the private guided tour of Belgrade center start?

The private guided tour Belgrade Center Insider starts right where the history of modern Belgrade started: the atmospheric Kosančićev Venac. With its cobbled streets and sleepy feel, this place invites you to imagine the beginnings of modern Belgrade in the mid 19th century.

Look at the oldest Belgrade center landmarks: European looking Cathedral of St Michael Archangel and Oriental looking Palace of Princess Ljubica. See how the two cultures confronted and combined to shape Belgrade as the capital of Serbia, just liberated from the Ottomans.

Belgrade as the capital of Serbia rose on the right bank of river Sava, while the Ottomans where still holding the Belgrade Fortress.

Do not miss the guide’s stories of Princess Ljubica and Prince Milos and their ruling family Obrenović. Stories of love, devotion, ambition, sorrows, politics, jealousy, murders.

Get your camera and your artist eye ready. This is one of the most photogenic places in Belgrade. Use this private tour of Belgrade center to add fantastic photos to your albums or Instagrams and get tons of likes.

The charm of the neighborhood is yours to soak in. It is indeed a very rare find in the bustling city centers: an oasis of quiet rich with beautiful imagery.

Photogenic Belgrade – a detail from one of the stops of the private guided tour Belgrade Center Insider

Another landmark of Belgrade you do not want to miss is on the route of your private guided tour! The oldest tavern in the city, still keeping its original appearance and curious name.

What other landmarks and sights in Belgrade will you visit?

You will stroll along elegant central streets and squares and move from 19th to 20th century Belgrade.  Look at the palaces of historical and modern styles, built by wealthy merchants, prominent members of the society and financial institutions. Hear the interesting fragments from their life stories, often from rags to riches.

Peek into the backstreets and the old carriage passages for Belgrade style bistros, specialty shops and last of the craftsmen. You will want to loose yourself in these pockets of good life and nostalgia.

From Belgrade Center Insider tour: Light at the end of the tunnel…is sometimes reached with a cup…of coffee.

Further on our way, we meet the royals again. See the palaces of the two rival dynasties, Obrenović and Karadjordjevic, today the Belgrade City Hall and the seat of the President of Serbia. Next stop is the House of National Assembly. Upon this perfect background, you will hear what was happening with Belgrade and Serbia and Yugoslavia in 19th and 20th centuries.

National Assembly of Serbia: this patient old lady of dramatic history is still waiting for a happy end.

Pay attention to the story of the National Assembly. This is the only building in the world that has been the seat of six consecutive states! Expect more than few curios stories. Ask questions and shoot opinions if you are passionate about politics and history or just curious yourself.

Insider tips by your private guide and hidden gems in Belgrade center

On private guided tour Belgrade Center you will find out about those not so obvious places to enrich your experience of Belgrade. Let us follow your interests!

Where to turn left for a bohemian feel. Where to have the best cup of coffee or your favorite cocktail in Belgrade. How to meet people in Belgrade. Where to have best buffet brunch or to have a hearty lunch like locals.

Hidden gems: Tell us about your interests and Belgrade Centre Insider will take you to right place at right time.

Find out where you can visit a unique collection of icons and understand what the term iconic was originally about. Learn where and when to visit an elegant apartment of a Nobel laureate. And when best to visit another elegant historic apartment, of a famous painter, holding an exquisite display of his portraits of VIP ladies from the 1920ies and 1930ies.

Hear what is going on in the city that is worth a visit and where not to loose your time.

Belgrade Center Insider tour is not about musts. It is about taking it easy. A cosy interior of the latest venue off a loved bistro. In a historic building, built by the first woman architect in Serbia.

Please note

Level of physical activity: Light to medium, walking.

Meeting point: The exact meeting point will be agreed with you when you book the tour.

Extra expenses: None. In case we decide to have a coffee break you bear your expenses.

Entry tickets: None.




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