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Tram nocturne. Kalemegdan for children

Biljana, art historian, gallerist, mom of a boy and a girl

Once you told me sometimes you used to get on a tram at night and watch people and out of the window.

B: That tram ride was unforgettable. Line 7, going from New Belgrade, across the old railway bridge, through the centre of the city and along the grand Bulevar (Boulevard of King Alexander)… that is almost one entire part of the city. The memory of that ride evokes a feeling of an urban freedom of a moment.

You have a personal relationship with the Belgrade’s longest street, Bulevar. What can be an experience of walking along the Boulevard?

B: I would compare Bulevar with the tram line 7, that goes almost entire length of Bulevar. There is something for everyone on the Bulevar…from theatre and cinema to non uniform shops to restaurants and farmers markets…life

Where could someone visiting Belgrade take a walk?

B: The centre of the city, as that is where the tastes come together and the open space for walking and seeing is available. There are some cult spaces where you can come across various famous people, without anyone being surprised or thrilled, which is a local particularity.

How can one best experience young artists scene in Belgrade, if staying only for a short time?

B: This scene is quite occasional, so it requires a bit of luck for someone to be here when young artists are on show and to know where and when to see it…getting to know the poetics of young artists here requires that kind of luck.

If visiting Belgrade with school age children – where to go, what to do?

B: Children are always gladly seen and well received in Belgrade. Starting from the Zoo, then Kalemegdan Park where there are two interesting churches, Military Museum, the Victor monument (symbol of Belgrade), artefacts from ancient Roman times and a small amusement park – quite enough for one day. If staying longer I would recommend sightseeing from an open top bus, an excursion to Avala Tower, Museum of Yugoslav History (Tito), Dečiji Kulturni Centar – Childrens’ Cultural Centre and children’s workshops in museums.