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Wine tasting unique to Belgrade

Belgrade Wine Tasting immersed in family history

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This story begins in 1927, when Vladimir’s grand grandfather planted his vineyard near Kruševac, in Central Serbia. Six years later, he was producing 200,000 liters of wine and built the state of the art winery, with all the latest technology of the time. A man of wealth and vision, he commissioned a French modernist architect to design his house in Serbian countryside.

In the best tradition of winemaker family sagas, there was a match made for wine! The grand grandfather arranged for his son to marry the daughter of the wine trader.

Until the WWII, the grand grandfather was further growing his wine making business. He was even exporting to Slovenia, who was then Serbia’s sister state in Kingdom of Yugoslavia and wasn’t producing wine. After the WWII, the Yugoslav communist regime expropriated the winery and vineyards and ran them through a so called socially owned company.

The grand grandfather and his son, the grandfather, continued to make wine for their families and friends.

The history of the wine cellar is quite mysterious. Some claim it dates back to the ancient Roman times of Belgrade.

In early 1990ies, when times got better for entrepreneurship with the collapse of the communist regime, the grandfather’s son in law, Vladimir’s father Viktor got hooked on winemaking. After a careful research of the family’s winemaking tradition and modern technology, Viktor planted the new vineyard in 1991 and produced his first wine in 1994.

Young Vladimir was amazed with what his father was doing. And equally amazed with those fine sentiments and pleasures wine brings to men. He studied Viticulture and Engineering at university. After his father died in 2008, Vladimir took over the family’s winemaking tradition as the 4th generation. Vladimir is a wine producer, wine juries member, the host of the cellar we take you to, and a consultant to other Serbian winemakers.

The star wine of the cellar is a Merlot barrique. Our favorite is a special Cabernet Sauvignon that comes in small series, produced only by two wineries in Serbia.

Unique Wine Tasting Style and Ambient

What makes this wine tasting unique, we ask Vladimir.

It is absolutely unique in Serbia. It is both the ambience and the wines selected to be sampled, he says. It’s also in how we subtly guide you to develop your own taste in wine. The grape varieties and the food pairings you taste are our original  proposition that stands out from the mass.

The cellar is a tale about history of Belgrade and its magic cannot be perceived through photos or words, you have to experience it yourself. You have to go down there, 17 meters underground and feel it. The constant temperature of 12 C is perfect for storing and serving wine.

And wine is a story in itself!

The cellar is 17m underground. The temperature is at constant 12C (53.6 F). Ideal conditions for wine tasting!

Six bold wines to meet and love

Vladimir has carefully selected six Serbian wines. The sequence of tasting and the food pairing is very intentional. It lets you feel these wines at their fullest, and challenges some of the wine stereotypes.

Start with Sauvignon blanc that subtly awakens your senses, with paired cold cuts and cheese. Every successive  glass is a bit stronger.

What follows is a rare opportunity to taste rose made of Merlot and not of some colored watery whites.

Then the unique Cabernet Sauvignon, so good it did not have to lay in barrels, robust and royal on its own, the one you grow fond of the more you know it. Not found elsewhere easily, produced only by two bold wineries in Serbia, only for true wine lovers.

The climax comes with the Merlot barrique that laid in oak barrels. And for the challenge of stereotypes, this prestigious wine is paired with chicken with gorgonzola sauce, to counter that old notion that great reds pair only with red meat and game.

The sweet surrender  at the end comes with the sweet white ladies’ favorite. The sweetness of this Traminer Sauvignon blanc comes from the very exact timing of the late vintage.

So, six glasses later, you are a member of a club, richer for this unique intimate experience of wine.

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Food is carefully paired with wines. Prepare for some unexpected pairs!