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Belgrade is the best place in Europe to understand what makes the Balkans so particular. Walking the streets of Belgrade you are on trace of the ancient Romans and all the successive empires that were fighting for this piece of earth, water and sky.

Serbian capital is a place of wonders, beautiful and hospitable people and red blooded life, if you know where to look.

What is the best way to learn about all secrets that Belgrade holds? Private tours with experienced insiders who who take you to just the right places for you.

This way Belgrade is yours to explore it and enjoy it!

We suggest nine carefully selected experiences of Belgrade that can be further personalized for your best experience. Let us show you Belgrade we know and love so that you love it forever!

Our private guided tours speak directly to your interests, passions and questions. In the city with the population of 2 million we want you to feel comfortable like at home and excited as in any other great metropolis! We hand picked sites, stories and moments from 3000 years of history of Belgrade and its bustling present. Experience and live Belgrade your way with us!

Belgrade walking tours are here for you

Curious about historical plots Belgrade is famous for? Want to find yourself in the buzz of most current trends in Belgrade? On Belgrade walking tours we accompany you to the sites with meaning. Without crowds. With context. From the ancient Belgrade Fortress to the quarters that are setting the tone for the future.

You love food and wine? We do, too! Let us take you to wine tasting in Belgrade to sample best Serbian wines and chat with local winemakers and sommeliers. Food experiences take you from farmers market to taste freshness to your Serbian cuisine cooking class to the premium gastro historical experience Eat Like Tito.

Design and fashion enthusiast? We take you to selected showrooms of local Belgrade designers of fashion, accessories, shoes, bags and homeware.

The spring and summer season is best spent on Belgrade’s two rivers Sava and Danube. Boats, your feet in the water, wind in your hair, sites you cannot see from the ground, fresh fish, taking it easy…More to follow!

Being intimately familiar with our city, curious and friendly, with international travel and professional experience, we hope to walk and talk with you in Belgrade on private Belgrade walking tours.

Give us a call or send us a message: +381 60 16 11 346

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Recommended by locals

  • Outdoor. Ada Ciganlija and cycling routes

    Aleksandar, IT guy, passionate photographer and cyclist, father of two boys.

  • Kralja Petra & Dorćol. Cultural blend

    Bojana, art and architecture historian, expert on Belgrade’s historical architecture, mom of two boys

  • Tram nocturne. Kalemegdan for children

    Biljana, art historian, gallerist, mom of a boy and a girl.


Ripe some entertainment and art :)


19.06 - 30.07.2016
BELEF – Belgrade Summer Festival, various locations in Belgrade

Across Belgrade, mainly in the city centre, on summer stages with alternatives in case of rain, BELEF presents acclaimed local, regional and international artists and entertainters, mainly performing arts and music.

10.06 – 18.06.2016
FESTIVAL DEVET (9) at Stara Ciglana

Less politically correct than Mikser and more alternative in its aesthetics, this new festival proposes its view on visual arts and music.

08.06. - 12.06.2016
MIKSER FESTIVAL 2016: Sensitive Society at Savamala

A very careful selection of regional creativity, arts, crafts, cultural politics and related entrepreneurship is on display. A festive atmosphere with a very articulated programme and messages.

19.03. - 10.04.2016
Belgrade Dance Festival BDF

My choice is Siena, by La Veronal. A dance company from Barcelona. A replica of Tizian’s Venere di Urbino as a key piece of scenography. Art and human body in the center of the story.

08.03. - 13.03.2016
Guitar Art Festival GAF

Among top five classical guitar festivals in the world, the line up includes intercontinental guitar masters. The venue is Dom Omladine.

26.02. - 06.03.
FEST 2016 – International Film Festival

There is something special about sitting in the dark, quiet, with some 3600 people, watching a movie. That happens on a FEST night in the theatre of Sava Centar in New Belgrade.

Lower Key

Easy like Sunday morning – art music, free entry

Art music, concert hall of great acoustics, no tickets, no dressing up, no booking in advance…sounds good? Every Sunday at 11 am at Kolarac Music Hall you can have it like that.

Souvenir Ballet

And if you would rather have it with red curtains of the hall modeled after the Milan Scala, take away a special audio visual memory with you: a ballet. But not just classical ballet, although you can opt for tutus and rose slippers, I love them, Tchaikovsky and Delibes.

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