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Farmers Market

Not an art installation, but pumpkins.
Slatko, a fruit preserve, I just love it. A traditional token of welcome by the lady of the house, home made (by that lady or another, but this is something that has never gone industrial). Served with a glass of ice cold water. A guest is supposed to have a spoonful. I can eat half a jar at once. White cherries and wild strawberries, my favourite tastes.
A stall at the near by farmers market, where we pick the garlic and onions to spice up the dishes we make.
Garlic lowers the blood pressure and has a strong antibacterial effect
Spice it up
Oh my cuteness/C.U.T.E
On our way to…
A bit of random street scenery along the way. Some esoteric symbolism can be conveniently read in ;). The street is becoming home to bistro versions of Belgrade’s most praised restaurants.
Guilty pleasure
Well deserved after all this walking and talking.
Coffee matters. Who believes in headlines
As an addition to a local tradition of inviting someone home for a cup of coffee, specialty coffee shops and roasters have been booming in the last couple of years. Some Belgraders have it their way.

A sensory experience: colours, tastes, smells, sounds of a market day. With some looking around.

Before the super market there was a farmers market. This is the market where the chefs and the rest of us shop for groceries, for what they will serve for demanding palates or what we offer for a family lunch on Sunday. This is where you can best understand what we eat and why, before it is served in a restaurant. Food stories are inevitably linked to culture, history, economy, gossip, religion, temptations. Local cuisine is a melting pot of different gastronomic traditions that met here, of particular historical and social circumstances that designed the menus and habits.

Let’s talk about how we eat or what you would eat if living in Belgrade. What you would cook. Cheese tasting Belgrade style. Local specialties over the counter. Street food you cede to.

And here and around is where you can taste Belgrade in a wider sense. In the office or on the beach or slope where we typically meet we probably look very much alike. Along this walk you will see us dress down or up 🙂 and unwind and live our private lives with family and friends, picking groceries, having long coffees and short bites of tasting or street food.

As all is well that ends well, we wrap it up in a praline and chocolate parlour.

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